21 Food Products Containing Scheduled Poisons Are Banned According to Health Ministry

Greetings foodies! There’s a saying that goes “what we eat is what we are,” it is important to always look out for what we put into our mouth. Some products may contain harmful ingredients that will affect our body and health in the long run. Ministry of Health (KKM) has identified that 21 food products from 16 brands contain scheduled poisons that are prohibited from being added as ingredients.

Ministry of Health Warns Public Not to Consume 21 Food Products That Contain Scheduled Poison:

Through the inspection of Food Safety and Quality Division, it is found that 21 out of 849 food products contain scheduled poisons as of August 2020. Such scheduled poisons include sildenafil, tadalafil, dexamethasone and prednisolone.

These products involve 16 different brands. Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that legal actions have been taken towards 4 manufacturers or distributors. The results of the investigation conducted on 12 other food product brands found that the company name and address were false or incomplete.

He also mentioned that all traders, including online traders who still have stocks of the product, were instructed to immediately stop selling and contact the nearest District Health Office to have the products confiscated.

Under Section 13 of Food Act 1983, any person who prepares or sells any food that has in or upon it any substance which is poisonous, harmful or otherwise injurious to health is an offence and shall be liable. On
conviction, to a fine not exceeding RM100,000 or imprisonment not exceeding ten years or to both.

List of Products with Scheduled Poisons and False Labelling:

#1 Tonik Tuan Haji 1921

Brand: Tonik Tuan Haji 1921
Company’s Info (False): Rimbunan Herbs (Distributor) Langkawi, Kedah.
Contains: Dexamethasone & Prednisolone

#2 Candy B+ Complex

Brand: California Pure
Company’s Info (False):  My Own Brand Sdn Bhd
Contains: Tadalafil

#3 Orange+

Brand: –
Company’s Info (False): My Own Brand Sdn Bhd
Contains: Tadalafil

#4 Kopi Panggung Al Ambiak

Brand: Natural Herbs Coffee
Company’s Info (False):  Syed Fadil Al Yahya, Pekan Teroi Guar
Contains: Sildenafil 1255 mg/kg

#5 Kopi Jantan Traditional

Brand: Natural Herbs Coffee
Company’s Info (False): Worldgate Vision, Sungai Petani
Contains: Tadalafil1161 mg/kg

#6 AAAAAAA Kopi Jantan Tradisional 7A

Brand: –
Company’s Info (False): –
Contains: Sildenafil 3384 mg/kg

#7 Kopi Pra Campuran

Brand: WM Coffee
Company’s Info (False): WM Coffee Marketing
Contains: Tadalafil 4184 mg/kg

#8 Kopi Harimau

Brand: Kopi Harimau
Company’s Info (False): Max Mur Trading, KL
Contains: Tadalafil

#9 Kopi Mutiara

Brand: Mutiara
Company’s Info (False): Iman Mutiara, Pendang
Contains: Tadalafil 1736 mg/kg

#10 Jus Saidina

Brand: Jus Saidina
Company’s Info (False): Sinar Mega Sdn Bhd
Contains: Dexamethasone

#11 Miracle Energy Coffee

Brand: Sabah Brands
Company’s Info (False): Jaya Niaga Enterprise, Sabah
Contains: Tadalafil

#12 Kopi Strong Man Plus

Brand: Natural Herbs Coffee
Company’s Info (False): –
Contains: Sildenafil 2054.54 mg/kg

Foodies, if you happen to be consuming these products, stop and immediately seek medical advise or treatment from professionals. Always watch out on what you eat and do not buy products that are gimmicky, especially online. If you have any questions related to food safety, contact your nearest public health department. Or, get in touch with KKM online or Facebook Food Safety and Quality Division. Stay safe and have a great day ahead, buh bye!

Source: From the Desk of the Director-General of Health Malaysia

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