This New Grocer in George Town Carries Over 3000 Imported & Frozen Products

Anyone out there who finds grocery shopping therapeutic? Imagine going through aisles of products, discovering new brands and go “oh wow I didn’t know such a thing exists!” That was us when we took a trip down to 202 Two Zero Two Food Sdn Bhd along Burma Road, which is also their new and biggest outlet in Penang! Stick around to find out all the amazing and unique products that the store carries like Frozen Herbal Soup, Frozen BBQ Skewers and more.

202 Two Zero Two Food Sdn Bhd Opens Its Biggest Outlet In Penang At Burma Road:

As a wholesaler, 202 currently has 4 retail shops, with their new and biggest outlet tucked along Burma Road. Carrying over 3000 imported and frozen products, this place is definitely the epitome of a one-stop-shop-all.

If you love grocery shopping just as much as we do, we highly recommend checking 202 Two Zero Two Food Sdn Bhd out. Upon entry, the space might look unassuming, like your regular convenience store. Walk down the aisles and you’ll be amazed by the number of unique, imported products that the store carries, especially the frozen section!

Not only do they have a plethora of imported goods from China, but also from Korea, Thailand and Japan. First stop is the ice cream section. Imagine opening up a whole row of freezers loaded with ice cream you’ve never seen before! From imported Hersheys, Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher ice cream to zero-calorie ice cream sandwich and sweet treat shaped like a peach, it’s a heaven for sweet tooths!

Foodies, Chinese New Year is just around the corner! You know the celebration isn’t complete without a hotpot feast. Skip the hassle of multiple trips for hotpot ingredients, just drop by 202 Two Zero Two Food Sdn Bhd for a one-stop-shop-all. They carry a ton of hotpot ingredients from different brands. Couldn’t decide? Just grab 202’s Steamboat Selection Box, which includes a selection of meatballs, crabsticks, squid balls and more. Quick, no-frills and best of all, a simple box of happiness!

You know what pairs best with hotpot? Barbecue night! Impress your friends and family with a full BBQ spread, all made possible at 202. They have a whole freezer dedicated to shabu-shabu meats, precisely cut and packed. Last-minute BBQ plans? There are even frozen BBQ skewers made ready, and the selection is impressive! From marinated whole squid to pork, lamb and beef skewers, all you need to do is defrost and throw it onto the grill, it’s that easy.

Ready-To-Eat Meals For The Ultimate Convenience:

If cooking isn’t your forte yet you’re craving for a quick, heartwarming meal, then we have some good recommendations. Head over to 202 Two Zero Two Food Sdn Bhd ready-to-eat section and we promise you’ll go “wait there’s…?!” From marinated chicken breasts, curry chicken, even to a bowl of soul-soothing soup, choices are endless here. Just pop into the microwave for a few minutes and a proper meal is ready in no time.

That’s not all, with Chinese New Year approaching, you can now prepare a full spread of festive dishes in under 10 minutes! All made possible with premium ready-to-eat dishes like “Buddha Jump Over The Wall,” Fish Maw, Herbal Duck and more. Your friends and family will be impressed this new year.

Don’t miss out on their bestselling imported Leek dumplings. Made with honest ingredients, treat yourself to a bowl of comforting dumplings that tastes just like home-cooked, if not better. While walking down the aisles, their frozen Cheesy Pork Cutlet caught our attention and we bought it without thinking twice.

Love exploring different cuisines and spices? A whole aisle of marinades and seasonings await! Spice up your dishes and add flavours to your meal with their range of local and imported selections. From meat marinades to stew seasonings, you’ll definitely add something to your cart even before you realize it.

For those who are looking for fresh Asian noodles, head straight to the end on your left and you’ll find 202’s signature Ipoh Koay Teow. They’re made and delivered fresh each day.

Foodies, if you’re looking for that one place to shop for all your needs, then we highly recommend you guys to stop by 202 Two Zero Two Sdn Bhd along Burma Road. We could go on with their list of exciting products the whole day, but we’ll save some wow factors for you. Tag your shopping buddies and go for a grocery spree!

202 Two Zero Two Sdn Bhd

Address: 34, Jalan Burma, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Operating Hour: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (Daily)
Link: Facebook

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