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15 Favourite Local Foods at Ramadan Bazaars in Malaysia

Ramadan is just a few days away and while the holy month is filled with goodness. Ramadan Bazaars all over Malaysia will be started on 27 May – 24 June. So if you’re planning a visit to Ramadan Bazaar here is the top must eat food in Ramadan bazaar. Don’t miss out any or else you’ll have to wait for one more year!


Must Eat Roti John

roti john

Crispy & Delicious Fried Stuffs


Nasi Goreng/ Mee Goreng/ Koay Teow Goreng/ Bihun Goreng


Murtabak? “Yes Please!”

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Smoky Hot Ayam Percik

ayam percik

Colorful & Flavorful Jelly

agar agar*Image Credit:

Barbeque Chicken Wings

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Salty, Sticky & Yummy Lemang

lemang*Image Credit:

Traditional Malay Kuih-Muih

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Rich & Thick  Sup Tulang

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Scrumptious Pita Kebab

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Nasi Kukus/ Nasi Melayu /Nasi Ampang / Nasi Briyani/ Nasi Kerabu

Perfect Malay Satay

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Refreshing Ice Cold Drinks

air*Image Credit:

Roti Jala & Chicken Curry

roti jala

*Image Credit: Li Tsin Soon


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