This Inspiring 14yo Penangite Aims To Represent Malaysia In The Paralympic 2020


It is hard to imagine how a child with prosthetic limbs could have possibly do extreme activities. But oh how wrong we were to even think this way. This handicapped boy has conquered the world all thanks to his loving and supportive parents.

Zy Kher Lee
Photo: @pibg.clhs (Facebook)

Born With Only One Arm

Zy Kher Lee
Photo: @chinapress

A lot of us could have only dreamed of climbing on top of high mountains and taking a dive into the deep sea. But this differently-abled boy beat us to it. Born with only one arm,  Zy Kher Lee proved to the world that there’s more to him than just metal limbs.

Zy Kher Lee
Photo: @walterlee (Facebook)

At the age of 14, Zy Kher Lee had already conquered Mount Kinabalu, Mount Fuji in Japan, and even the Great Wall of China thanks to the help and support from his father. The iron boy even owns a diving certificate and is currently representing Malaysia as a paralympic swimming athlete. Facing life with an upbeat attitude, Zy Kher Lee’s eye-opening journey has inspired many to do the same.

Not Disabled, Only Differently-Abled

Zhy Kher Lee
Photo: @WalterLee (Facebook)

Walter Lee insisted that his son is not disabled. Refusing to let the world decide his son’s fate, he carefully nurtured his son to be one of the most inspirational human beings in the world. Thus, instead of putting him in a wheelchair, he bought Zy Kher Lee prosthetic limbs so that he can walk on his own and speak to his father on the same eye level. Walter Lee encouraged his son to be self-dependant from an early age. This is to ensure that he could live a normal life like any other.

Zy Kher Lee
Photo: @WalterLee (Facebook)

When he was 12 years old, Zy Kher Lee participated in his first national competition. He won one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal. Today, he is aiming to represent Malaysia in the Paralympic Games and bring back a gold medal for our country. The boy admitted that there are times when people laughed at him, and that made him uncomfortable. However, he didn’t take it to heart and quickly moved on.

Parents Should Never Give Up On Their Kids

Zy Kher Lee
Photo: @WalterLee (Facebook)

Walter Lee can’t deny that his son would want to give up at times, just like any normal kid. So as a parent, he must improve his child’s confidence and encourage him to explore his potentials. At the moment, he is managing the “Zy Movement Fund” to ensure that other differently-abled kids have the same chances as Zy does. Hopefully, Zy Kher Lee will continue to strive for brighter future.

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