12 Fun Things To Do In Penang With Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Time to show some appreciation for all the mothers.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so I bet everyone’s cracking their heads really badly to think of what to do for their mums to show them the appreciation they deserve. Continue reading because we got some really good suggestions here, things you never thought of doing but fun times are surely guaranteed. We’ve done our research and here’s our shot to make your Mother’s Day a memorable and irreplaceable one with our 12 Fun Things To Do With Your Mum This Mother’s Day!

12 Fun Things To Do With Your Mum This Mother’s Day!

1. Picnic and breathtaking sunset-watching at the beach.

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@yoonpauline (Instagram)
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What if I tell you with just a beach mat, some snacks and a beautiful view, you can make your mum the happiest person in the world. Sometimes what it takes to show our gratitude towards the people we love is as simple as spending quality with them. If you grow up in a typical Asian household, you’ll understand that it’s pretty uncommon for the children to share their feelings with their parents. That’s a bad culture that we have to break! As you stroll down the scenic beach together, have a heart to heart talk with your mum. Both of you will surely love the time spent at the beach!

@akbarrv (Instagram)

2. Shop till you drop in Design Village.

@designvillagepenang (Instagram)

No matter the time of the year, you can be sure that Design Village will always have ridiculously awesome sales. Honestly, we’re not complaining though but in fact, we’re super grateful for the sales because thanks to that we can bring our mothers there this coming special day to pamper them with handbags and clothes. Sounds like a plan!

@designvillagepenang (Instagram)

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, Design Village is also organizing a competition for all the mothers and children out there. Most lookalike mother and child will stand a chance to win a bottle of Midnight Fantasy eau de parfum. Only 3 winners will be selected, be quick!

3. Arts & Crafts Night Market under the stars at Cubopark.


Does your mum enjoy looking and shopping for arts and craft items? Then, the perfect Mother’s Day gift would be to bring her to Cubopark to enjoy their Mother’s Day Special Arts & Crafts under the stars. It would be a lovely evening filled with speciality hand-crafted gifts for your mum, where all gifts are handmade with love. You’ll never know maybe the perfect gift this Mother’s Day lies within the night market!

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4. Buffet with a view at Top View Restaurant & Lounge.

@jasontham2306 (Instagram)

Anyone would kill for an eat-all-you-can buffet especially one with a stunning view, so bringing your mum for a buffet over at Top View Restaurant & Lounge sounds like a wonderful plan! Brace yourself for the endless photo-taking sessions that your mum would engage on though. We think that your mum would really enjoy herself dining here. Not forgetting, every mum is entitled for 50% off dining here. Book a place now!

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Top View Restaurant & Lounge (Instagram)

5. One night stay at Hard Rock Hotel.

@hardrockhotelpg (Instagram)
@hardrockhotelpg (Instagram)

Nothing else can be more relaxing and enjoyable for your mum than a one-night stay in a luxurious hotel that is full of extravagant and satisfying facilities from swimming pools to massages. We totally want you to go all out during this Mother’s Day! The money you’ll be spending on this is nothing compared to the smile you’ll be seeing on your mum’s face.

@hardrockhotelpg (Instagram)

6. Cafe hopping at the prettiest cafes.

@air_piraya (Instagram)
@gracie_sjiea (Instagram)

A pretty cafe with mouth-watering food will make anyone fall in love, even your mum. Penang has been blooming in its cafe scene since long ago and today there are so many beautifully themed cafes made available for your enjoyment. We personally think that Kafka would be the perfect cafe because of its unique menu and cosy ambience!

@fooddiaryxcai (Instagram)

7. Sing your night away at the karaoke.


If your mum is a big fan of music shows, this is definitely the place to be with your mum. No doubt your mum has got a few songs up their sleeves they always hum and sing in the car. It’s time to discover what’s your mum’s favourite song and have a blast singing the night away. Hit those dance moves and sing your lungs away! We heard that Red Box has a crazy awesome promotion as well, check it out below!

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Red Box Karaoke Malaysia (Facebook)

8. Enjoy live bands at The Canteen, China House.

@imjonraj (Instagram)

Another place you can bring your mum to is Canteen at China House where she can enjoy herself listening to soul-touching songs. Not forgetting the romantic and classy ambience that will be sure to make the night irreplaceable! You can always have dinner first then make your way there, ending the night in a good note.

@davidstloh (Instagram)

9. Dine in omakase-style at gēn 根.

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gēn 根 (Facebook)
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gēn 根 (Facebook)

If you’re thinking of bringing your mum for a dinner full of splendour and luxuriousness, then gēn 根 should be on top of your list! Their dishes are a deep dive into the nuances of Malaysian flavours and cultures, so you don’t have to worry about the dinner upsetting your mum’s taste buds (we all know some moms in our lives that only live and breathe for Malaysian food). The whole experience would make an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

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gēn 根 (Facebook)

10. Nature walk at The Habitat, Penang Hill.

@euphoricnightmares (Instagram)

Feel the cooling breeze of Penang Hill, take in the gorgeous view of the forestry in Penang you never thought existed, learn about the rich flora and fauna striving in our island. Those are only a few of out the endless fun-filled activities available up there! If you’re enthusiastic, by all means, catch the matchless sunrise or sunset with your mum. It’s going to be an experience that will be forever engraved in your mum’s heart!

@azamhanif_ (Instagram)

11. A trip to IKEA.

@reiqua (Instagram)
@reiqua (Instagram)

We know the ultimate checkmate for every mom’s heart, as ridiculous as celebrating Mother’s Day in IKEA sounds, we’re pretty sure your mum will appreciate it! Instead of just bringing her there, you can also buy her furniture from IKEA (if that’s within your budget) for home improvement. We believe every mom enjoys playing a bit of interior designing for the house. Trust me!

@reiqua (Instagram)

12. Chill at Georgetown Wines for the best wine experience.

@aitanaka0921 (Instagram)
@mimunchie (Instagram)

Watch the night slips away as you sit back and relax with a cup of topnotch wine in hands. Sounds like the ideal way to spend Mother’s Day? Georgetown Wines lets you do exactly just that. You and your mum will be indulged in the classy environment chiefly with good wine and great ambience. Another plus point is the wine’s price are thoughtful and reasonable as well!

@lanatir (Instagram)

12 Fun Things To Do With Your Mum This Mother’s Day!

There only a few days left to Mother’s Day so you really can’t procrastinate any longer or you’re going to regret not making plans earlier. Listen to us, we’ve got enough experience in this and not to mention, Mother’s Day only comes by once a year. Therefore, don’t be stingy with your money and time, make your mum the happiest person on Earth during this Mother’s Day!

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