11-Year-Old Boy Who Helps Paint Tables in His Free Time Takes Rice As Salary Instead of Money

While most of the younger generations these days are surrounded by gadgets and electronics, this 11-year-old kid helps to paint tables at a workshop during his free time to help out his family. The boy refused to take any money, and instead, asked for rice to be his salary. His integrity is so inspiring!

11-Year-Old Boy Asked For Rice to Be His Salary:

Photo: Faeez Salleh (TikTok)

Recently, a TikTok user, Faeez Salleh shared a video of a boy painting tables at his workshop in Bukit Mertajam. According to him, the 11-year-old boy, Hanif Zakaria from Kampung Bukit Teh will come by the workshop to help out after school or during his free time.

Photo: Faeez Salleh (TikTok)

When Faeez wanted to pay the little boy for his hardwork with some money, Hanif refused. Instead, he asked for rice so that he could share it with the family. The video showing Hanif carefully painting a table later went viral, with over hundred comments asking for the boy’s well-being.

Faeez later clarified that Hanif actually came from a decent family. He comes by the workshop to help out only to spend his free time. To the little boy, it’s more of like an interest to kill time. He wanted rice instead of money so that he could share and enjoy it amongst his family members.

Photo: Faeez Salleh (TikTok)

The reason behind Faeez sharing the video was to highlight that Hanif was unlike other kids in his age who spends leisure time on gadgets. Round of applause to Hanif for his kind spirit please! The little boy is so inspiring, let’s hope that he grows up to be a good person. We also hope that this piece of reading will help brighten your day a little. Take care and buh bye!

Source: Faeez Salleh (TikTok), Harian Metro

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