10 Unique Mooncakes Spotted In Penang [2023 Guide]

Hey Foodies! We’re once again ‘hopping’ into mid-autumn, and you know what that means… Mooncake Festival is coming! Our beloved annual treat is back bigger (like seriously) & better with more enticing flavours to try out. As we know brands often release new & unexpected versions every year, we have curated a list of all the unique, exclusive mooncakes you can find in Penang in 2023. Let’s dive in!


10 Extraordinary Mooncakes To Get In Penang in 2023

1. Bake by La Petitte

Photo: @bake.bylapetite via Instagram

Thinking of getting a special mooncake for your loved ones? Reminisce the sweet taste of the Malaysian Kek Lapis (layered cake) with Bake By La Petitte’s Layered Moon Cakes. Made using premium Golden Churn butter, each bite of this vibrant treat is filled with buttery, rich flavour. If you wish to try, there are four flavours for you to pick: Original, Pandan, Lychee Tea, & Hershey’s Chocolate.

Mooncake in Penang 2023Photo: @bake.bylapetite via Instagram

Where to buy: Queensbay Mall

Order via Whatsapp here.

2. Leong Yin ‘XXL Mooncake’

Photo: @leongyin

Can’t get enough of your favourite mooncake? Fret not, because we have found the biggest one in Penang! Popular local food manufacturing brand, Leong Yin is one of the country’s biggest mooncake paste wholesalers and has its own series of mooncakes yearly. One of their proud creations is their GIANT mooncakes which are bigger than the palm of your hand. Its comical size is sure to bring some chuckle out of your elders, and of course, it is perfect for sharing among family.

Where to buy: Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, and Sunway Carnival Mall


3. Jynns x LoHongKa Bird Nest Lava Mooncake

Your grandparents, or anyone who is health-conscious will LOVE this. As many may be worried about the calories packed in traditional mooncakes, Jynns has come up with an eccentric idea of filling these pastries with… Bird’s Nest! This nutrient-rich food is known for its high amount of collagen and medicinal properties, which benefit people of any age, especially elders. Cut open this unique mooncake, and watch as the jelly-like bird’s nest oozes out satisfyingly. Definitely one of the most eccentric mooncakes you can find in Penang for 2023!


Where to buy: Jynns’ outlets are available at Queensbay Mall, Gurney Paragon Mall, and Sunway Carnival Mall.

Order online here.

4. HWC Coffee “Moonlight Shine” Mid-Autumn Giftbox

Mooncake in Penang 2023


What makes the perfect pair to the crumbly, decadent taste of mooncakes? Coffee! The match made in heaven is sure to bring smiles to your coffee-lover friends and families. Therefore, HWC has combined both mooncakes and coffee in their latest Mid-Autumn Giftbox, including 10 sachets of HWC Classic Series Drip Bag Coffee of different flavours. As for the mooncakes, there are 3 unique flavours including Red Bean with Golden Butter Milk, Double sesame and Double Chocolate Lotus.

Where to buy: At any nearest HWC Coffee outlets in Penang

Order online here.

5. Utterly Ice Cream ‘Bunny Mooncakes’

Who says that mooncakes are boring? Here’s one adorably shaped version that proves otherwise! Malaysian’s artisan ice-cream brand, Utterly Ice Cream has just released the coolest & the cutest mooncakes ever. Filled with their trademark premium ice cream, these mooncakes come in 8 different flavours, such as California Pistachio, D24 Durian, and 78% Dark Chocolate. Not to mention that they also offer a deluxe package that comes with 4 tubs of ice cream of your choice.

Where to buy: Shopee

6. Goodchen ‘Hello Kitty’ Mooncake

When things cannot get any cuter, here we have another adorable set of mooncakes that just makes us scream “WANT!”. Goodchen spotted bringing back our love for Sanrio characters with their Mid-Autumn special that features a series of Hello Kitty mooncakes. There are snow skin and traditional baked choices you can choose from, with distinctive fillings such as Avacado, Durian and Uji Matcha. You can also purchase their Sanrio Characters Space Odyssey Premium Music Gift Box which includes a beautiful Sanrio-themed music box shaped like a rocket. Just adorbs!

Where to buy: Gurney Plaza

Order online here:

Website | Shopee | Whatsapp

7. Starbucks Mooncake

Our favourite coffee brand is putting the “Oo” in Moon this year with their Mid-Autumn mooncakes. Being one of the most sought-after mooncake brands every year, Starbucks has always awed its fans with its exquisite packaging and signature flavours. For this year, patrons can get a stylish baby blue tote bag along with their 4 signature mooncakes, featuring Caramel Macchiato, Matcha Adzuki, Golden Lotus Salted Egg, and Chocolate Praline.

Where to order: At any Starbucks outlet near you

8. Inside Scoop Ice-Cream Mooncake

Ice cream mooncakes seem to be the trend in recent years and we are all for it. Being one of the most popular local ice cream brands in Malaysia, Inside Scoop’s sweet creations for this year are definitely something you should not miss. They have whipped up new & innovative flavours for this year’s mooncakes, such as Pistachio Raspberry, Rocher Yuzu, Durian and Mango Coconut. Share this frozen goodness with your loved ones as a treat!

Where to buy: At any Inside Scoop outlets near you

Order online here.

9. Hong Kong Bay Durian Mooncake

Mooncake In Penang 2023

This is highly recommended and vouched by the author herself. Although many durian-flavoured mooncakes have mushroomed throughout the years, Hong Kong Bay is one of the pioneers of this exotic creation. There’s no in-between; you either love it or hate the taste of durian. However, Hong Kong Bay’s signature snow skin durian mooncakes will blow you away with its creamy taste, made from quality Musang King. It’s so genuine that you can even make out the durian flesh in its filling.

Where to buy: Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, and Sunway Carnival Mall

Order online here.

10. Wunderbath Snowskin Matcha Daifuku Mooncake Soap [NOT EDIBLE]

Mooncake In Penang 2023

To top off our list, we found this peculiar mooncake that’s apparently a SOAP! To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wunderbath came up with the unique idea of creating a soap in the shape and replica of a traditional mooncake. This cute item makes the perfect gag gift for your friends, especially those who are not so into the actual mooncakes. Made using plant-based ingredients, these soaps are suitable for any skin type. Not to mention there are plenty of scent options to choose from, including Matcha Daifuku, Rose Pandan, Sea Salt & Sage and more.

Buy online here.

Get These Special Mooncakes In Penang This Mid-Autumn 2023

These are really some interesting mooncakes found in Penang in 2023 that will definitely be the talk of the town during your next family reunion. Celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival by participating in all its centuries-long traditions including moon viewing, family gatherings. lantern walks… And of course, savouring a good piece of mooncake. Have a great time, Foodies!

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