10 Places You Don’t Want To Miss Out In Balik Pulau

Bring You Friends And Family Along To These Places In Balik Pulau

If you’re unfamiliar with Balik Pulau and you don’t know where to go for your meal, don’t worry because we’re here to help you with that. Picking a place or figuring out a spot can be difficult as well. So, here is a list of 10 places that you should check out if you’re in Balik Pulau.

Top 10 Places That You Need To Check Out If You’re In Balik Pulau

1. Shan Cheng Durian Penang

It’s durian season and Shang Cheng’s durians are free from pesticides. The durian trees are up to a hundred years old and the trees are located up the hill. You can get famous durians such as Musang King, Red Prawn and Black Thorn from here. All the durians are charged by weight and are carefully picked by the owners. Additionally, they do delivery as well and that includes odorless airtight packaging. The cut-off time to delivery is 10 am daily and your durians will be delivered between 2 pm to 7 pm.

Address: 748B, MK 6 Pondok Upeh, Balik Pulau, Penang

Opening hours: 11 am – 5 pm (Daily)

2. Penang Famous Brown Sugar Pau

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This famous pau spot is a favorite for many locals. Besides their famous brown sugar pau, you should definitely give their vegetable pau and pork pau a try. There are various kinds of flavors that you can choose from. Why not buy one of each flavor to get a taste of everything?

Address: Jalan Besar, Balik Pulau, 11000 Penang

Opening hours: 2:30 pm till finish (Closed on Sunday)

3. Kim Laksa

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Balik Pulau is famous for their Laksa and there are a few spots that you’re able to get it but Kim’s Laksa is among the famous ones. You have a choice between ‘Lemak Laksa’ which means it’s creamier and ‘Siam Laksa’ on the other hand is lighter and slightly tangy. You can even mix both flavors together to get a balance of tangy and creamy.

Address: Nan Guang Kopitiam, 67 Main Road, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang

Opening hours: 10 am – 5 pm (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)

4. Mak Ngah Gulai Warisan

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If you’re looking for something heavier than pau or Laksa, Mak Ngah Gulai Warisan serves Nasi Campur. There is a huge variety of dishes for you to choose from. Definitely, don’t miss out on their signature fish curry. You’re even able to pick the kind of fish that you would like with your curry and Mak Ngah Gulai Warisan various kinds of fish for you to choose from as well.

Address: Jalan Sungai Nipah, Kampung Permatang Tengah, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang

Opening hours: 10 am – 3 pm (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)

5. Pak Mid Mee Rebus & Pasembur

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This dish is one of the many comfort food for the locals. Besides Mee Rebus, you’re able to get Mee Goreng as well. If you’re feeling healthy, you can order Pasembur as well, which is Malaysian salad with sweet and spicy nut sauce.

Address: P239, Jalan Balik Pulau, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang

Opening hours: 11 am – 6:30 pm (Closed on Sunday)

6. Baen Cafe

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This place is probably the cheapest place in Penang for Nasi Melayu. With a choice of Briyani rice or tomato rice, you only pay RM 0.10 for just the rice. Moreover, a glass of drink cost RM 0.10 as well and everything is at least 50% cheaper than the normal price. The owner explained the reason for him to sell everything cheaper is to help lessen the burden of his customers who are affected by the bad economy.

Address: Baen Cafe, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang

Opening hours: 7 am – 4 pm (Daily)

7. Restoran Peladang

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Peladang Restaurant serves at least 120 fresh dishes daily. Even if you’re there every day for lunch, you will never get bored with the dishes there. Bring your friends along to be able to share more dishes together.

Address: Jalan Genting Balik Pulau, Kawasan Sri Pulau, Pulau Pinang, 11000 Balik Pulau

Opening hours: 11 am – 3 pm (Monday – Friday), 9 am – 3 pm (Saturday & Sunday)

8. Laksa Janggus

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This is a Muslim-friendly laksa spot that you won’t want to miss. The laksa that is served here is Malay-style. The stall got its name from the tree nearby which is a ‘janggus’ tree which translates to cashew nut. Unfortunately, all the cashew nut trees are all gone but the store retained its name. Laksa Janggus has been operating for more than 25 years and the shop can now cater up to 100 customers at a time. Don’t forget to pair your laksa with their shaved ice or other Malay drinks such as ‘air jagung’ (sweet corn juice) and ‘sirap bandung’ (rose flavored syrup drink).

Address: 338 MK, Jalan Bharu, Kampung Perlis, 11000, Penang

Opening hours: 3:30 pm – 8 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

9. Astaka Pasar MPPP

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This food court has a variety of local food for you to choose from. You will be spoiled for choices here so don’t forget to bring your friends and family along to share the meal.

Address: Jalan Tun Sardon, Kompleks Pasar Awam Taman Balik Pulau, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang

Opening hours: 9 am – 3 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

10. Dine With A View @ BP Anjung Indah Thai Seafood Restaurant

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Photo: @tzeyenong (Instagram)

This Thai restaurant is unique for its view. As the name of the restaurant tells you, dine with a view. You’re able to have a meal here with a scenic view of the lush mountains park. This hilltop restaurant will make your meal a special one even if there isn’t any special occasion to celebrate. With this location, you’re able to also get a panoramic shot of the sunset as well. Don’t forget to try their fresh steamed fish, Thai green curry and Tomyam.

Address: P14, 11020 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang

Opening hours: 12 pm – 10 pm (Daily)

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