10 Places In Penang You Can Get Mooncakes During The Mid-Autumn Festival

Get Your Mooncakes From These Places If You Don't Know Where To Get Yours

The Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival is approaching soon so we have a list of places that you can check out to get your own mooncakes. These mooncakes will make the perfect gifts for your friends and family during the festive season.

Here Are The Places That You Can Get Mooncakes

1. Tai Tong Restaurant

Photo: @wanyieng (Instagram)

Tai Tong Restaurant is one of the famous places among tourists. Known for their dim sum, they’re also famous for their decoration, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Various different kinds of lanterns are hung from above. Besides that, you won’t miss the small stall outside the shop that sells mooncakes. Why not get a mooncake and a lantern to feel festive?

2. Ng Kee Cake Shop

Photo: @ngkeecakeshop (Facebook)

Ng Kee is known for their homemade local biscuits. These local biscuits include pepper biscuit, cow’s ear biscuit and many more. Moreover, these local biscuits make the perfect snacks for tea time as well. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, they will make their own mooncakes as well.

3. Hock Lok Siew Biscuit Trading

Photo: @simulation0321 (Instagram)

Here at Hock Lok Siew Biscuit Trading, you can get more than 30 different kinds of biscuits. Besides that, those biscuits can be bought as gifts for friends and family as well. Not forgetting the mooncakes that they will start selling during the festive season too.

4. Tho Yuen Restaurant

Photo: @thoyuen (Instagram)

Not only can you get lunch and breakfast here at Tho Yuen but you can get mooncakes as well. The mooncakes here are all made in-house. Besides their mooncakes, Tho Yuen makes other pastries too such as their egg tarts.

5. Yong Pin Restaurant

Photo: @kaisar2325 (Instagram)

Yong Pin is known for their dim sum as well and during the festive season, they will roll out their in-house made mooncakes. Besides mooncakes, they make their own ‘Lou Por Paeng’ (Wife Biscuit) as well. Why not enjoy some mooncakes with your friends and family after some dim sum?

6. Yee Heong Cafe


While their mooncakes here are not made in-house but you can get some mooncakes on your way out after having your lunch. You can pair your mooncake with some Chinese tea after your meal with your friends and family here. A meal is not really complete without some dessert.

7. Hotel Equatorial

Photo: @hotelequatorialpenang (Facebook)

There are various flavors to Hotel Equatorial’s mooncakes. Those flavors include Luminarie, Nasi Lemak, Azuki Milk, Black Musang, Black Sesame Single Yolk, Green Tea Apricot, Nutty Misu, and Lotus Single Yolk. Besides that, you can get mini mooncakes as well if you think you’re not able to finish the normal sized ones by yourself. The flavors for the mini mooncakes include Pandan Lotus, Mango Lotus, Tiramisu, Lava Golden Butter Milk, Lava Chocolate, and Lava Matcha. Moreover, there is an early bird promotion from 13 July 2019 – 30 August 2019 for just RM98 nett per box of 4 mooncakes.

8. Hotel Jen

Photo: @HotelJenPenang (Facebook)

Hotel Jen has its own range of mooncakes as well. You shouldn’t miss out on this range not because of their packaging but because of the flavors that they have. Those flavors include Pure Lotus Single Yolk, Pandan Lotus Single Yolk, Low-Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk, Pearl of Harmony (Black Sesame), Taro Hero, Purple Secret (Sweet Purple Potato), Precious Black (Bamboo Charcoal with Lotus) and Durian Delight.

9. Inside Scoop

Photo: @MYinsidescoop (Facebook)

These aren’t your regular mooncakes because this is an ice cream mooncake. Inside Scoop is known for their huge varieties of ice cream and that includes the famous White Rabbit-Flavored ice cream. Moreover, they have a 7.5-inch ice cream mooncake that you don’t want to miss out on.

10. Starbucks

Photo: @StarbucksMalaysia (Facebook)

These mooncakes are exclusive and you can get it from Starbucks. The flavors that are available are unique and different from your regular mooncake flavors. Those flavors include Expresso Chestnut, Coffee Mixed Nuts, Tiramisu, and Green Tea Key Lime.

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