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10 Marvellous Food & Beverages You Cannot Miss At Cubopark!

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One of the most happening places in Penang right now is Cubopark. We get it, the entire space is genuinely Instagram-worthy! Every corner has its own character that should be highlighted on your Instagram. We bet that you have visited the extremely photogenic container mall. Walking around taking photographs isn’t an easy task. We bet you are hungry! Here are 10 Marvellous Food & Beverages You Cannot Miss At Cubopark!

10 Marvellous Food & Beverages You Cannot Miss At Cubopark!

1. Rose Cheesecake at Roots Dessert Bar

Photo: @rootsdessert (Instagram)

We are pretty sure you have heard about Roots Dessert Bar. It is one of the most famous dessert cafes based in the heart of Georgetown. Now, it is available in Cubopark! You can get your hands on the beautiful Rose Cheesecake without the hassle of finding parking in town. Another great option is Watermelon Cake! The cake is made famous in Australia. But trust us, Roots Dessert Bar perfected their recipe. On point!

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2. Homemade Frozen S’more at Haru Hari Specialty Coffee

Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

Haru Hari Specialty Coffee is a must-visit when you stop by Cubopark. The entire space will give you Muji vibes! If you are a big fan of, you will be happy to know that their merchandises are available here. You cannot leave Haru Hari Specialty Coffee without ordering the amazing Homemade Frozen S’more. The texture is absolutely incredible. It is a mixture of crunchy and chewy. Your taste buds will thank you!

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3. Mac & Cheese On A Cone at Syed’s Street Pizza

Photo: @syedstreetpizza (Instagram)

Eating macaroni and cheese in front of the television is last season. Have you ever dreamed of eating macaroni and cheese on the go? You can head down to Syed’s Street Pizza to grab yourself macaroni and cheese on a cone! The macaroni is generously drenched in two all-time favourite kinds of cheeses, mozzarella for that photogenic pull, and Parmesan for extra flavour. You will love!

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4. Avocado Sago Soup at SYST Penang

Photo: @systpenang (Instagram)

This place doesn’t need any introduction. If you have been on Instagram for the past few weeks, we are sure that you have seen your friends taking photographs at this super Instagram-worthy cafe. You don’t need to pack your bags and fly to Hong Kong, SYST Penang has brought Hong Kong here. Try out SYST Penang’s refreshing Avocado Sago Soup, if you love something creamy!

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5. Ang Mo Leng Teh at Zen Brew Coffee

Photo: @zenbrewcoffee (Instagram)

Nestled at the end of Cuboaprk, Zen Brew Coffee can be easily missed. Is it worth walking all the way to the end of Cubopark for their specialty beverages? Yes, it is. Their specialty is coffee. However, we are highlighting Ang Mo Leng Teh, something that all non-coffee lovers must-try! If you are visiting Cubopark in the afternoon, you will need to get yourself one of these to cool yourself down.

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6. Super Deluxe Mango Smoothie at Mango.b

Photo: @mango.b_cubopark (Instagram)

Alternatively, you can head down to Mango.b to cool yourself down from the weather! Even the name Super Deluxe Mango Smoothie sounds mouth-watering already! You will not be disappointed as the highly reviewed mango smoothie is rich in flavour, and smooth in texture. To take it up the notch, you can also add different toppings such as diced mangoes, and coconut ice-cream!

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7. Dirty & Nasty at Sausage Social Club

Photo: @ssclubmy (Instagram)

People who actually take the time out to think about the names for their menu gives us joy. Sausage Social Club is tucked on the side of the iconic ruin bar, Neighbourhood. The small but mighty kiosk serves one of the best sausages in the island. Have a bite on Dirty & Nasty, a good combination of homemade chicken sausage, with fresh vegetables? Their secret weapon, you ask? Signature minced chicken right on top!

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8. Korean Fried Chicken at Seoul Delicious

Photo: @seoul_delicious_pg (Instagram)

If Korean Fried Chicken was part of your day, you know you had a good day. Lucky for us, Korean food is available in Cubopark. It is not just an ordinary Korean food kiosk, they serve beverages with food on the cup lid! This is the best invention ever, and you can now try it out at Cubopark. Try out Seoul Delicious’ bestselling Korean Fried Chicken with your favourite beverage!

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9. Salted Egg Yolk Nacho at That’s Nacho Cheese!

Photo: @smilingclovers (Instagram)

We have a lot of things that are made with salted egg yolk in Penang. There are so many, we have even made a list just for it. That’s Nacho Cheese! (That’s Not Your Cheese?) incorporated salted egg yolk into Mexican food! They serve a variety of Mexican cuisine including nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and rice bowls! If you are looking for something extraordinary, you will need to get your hands on Salted Egg Yolk Nacho.

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10. Bolognese Burger at Carnucopias Vegetarian

Photo: Carnucopias Vegetarian (Facebook)

Burgers are the best thing ever, but it is not the healthiest, especially when you get yours from a fast food chain. Have better options at MeatPop as they are selling vegetarian burgers that guarantee to tickle your taste buds! Try out Bolognese Burger, made with the freshest ingredients available in Penang. If you are a big fan of mushrooms, have a taste of Mushroom Burger instead!

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10 Marvellous Food & Beverages You Cannot Miss At Cubopark!

That’s the end of the list for 10 Marvellous Food & Beverages You Cannot Miss At Cubopark! However, there are many things for you to discover as some parts of Cubopark are still under renovation. By the time it is done, it is going to be super happening, and we can’t wait! What are you most excited to try on our list of marvellous food and beverages? Tag your friends!

Bonus! Here Are The Five Things You Can Do At Cubopark!

1. Explore Cubopark’s Arts & Crafts Night Market

Every alternate weekend, Cubopark will have Arts & Crafts Night Market with different themes. Previously, they had one Arts & Crafts Night Market to celebrate Women’s Day and it was amazing with an outdoor cinema, workshops, and live performances! There are many vendors to check out include clothing, accessories, and household items. Follow them on Facebook to know more information about the next one!

2. Join Creative & Fun Classes at Planet B112

Photo: @planetb112 (Instagram)

Have you always wanted to start your very own bullet journal? You have probably seen them on Instagram, and it looks so pretty with different types of styles. If you want to start your very own, you can head down to Planet B112. They have different tools to beautify your journal. That’s not all! There are different classes available such as Hand Lettering, and Brush Letting. Check their Facebook out right here!

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3. Pose Right In Front Of The Iconic Neighbourhood

Photo: @bboy_bryan (Instagram)

You know they have gone the extra mile when you see a vintage airplane situated on the second floor of Neighbourhood. The first floor is just as good with three different types of vintage cars parked right in front of the signage. Whilst you are walking over, you will see people taking photographs right there. Strut your best pose in one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Penang. Don’t forget to step in for a sip of your favourite cocktails!

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4. Buy Streetwear Items at Common Space

Photo: Cubopark (Facebook)

It is always streetwear season! There are many places in Penang that you can get your hands on streetwear items, and Common Space is one of it. Located on the second floor of Cubopark, you will find items from both international and local brands. Honestly speaking, Common Space’s clothing items are pretty extensive. We are sure you will find something for yourself here.

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5. Feast Local Delights At Food Hall

Food Hall will be coming soon! If you are in Tanjong Tokong, and you are looking for a wondrous food court, Cubopark is the place to be. Food Hall will be opening soon and it has an array of local delights that you can look forward to. Unfortunately, we have don’t have a clue regarding the opening dates. No worries, we will keep you updated once we have the news.

📍 Google Map | ⏰ Opens daily, 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

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