10 Best Koay Teow Th’ng In Penang You Need To Know

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Hey, foodies! It has been a while since we last covered an article like this, hasn’t it? Buckle up as we bring you along to uncover the best koay teow th’ng spots in Penang! Does such a staple dish need an introduction anyway? No other delicacy in Penang comforts and soothes us more than koay teow th’ng ever does, it’s basically everyone’s favourite! So forget about the basics, and let’s jump into the real deal.

10 Best Koay Teow Th’ng In Penang You Need To Know

1. Cecil Street Market

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Cecil Market is widely known for the variety of local delights they have to offer, so do you know what’s the number one thing you should order there? It’s none other than their mouth-watering duck meat koay teow th’ng, the flavour of the duck is so heavily infused into the soup that every spoonful is a burst of flavours.

📍 40-48, Lebuh Cecil, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 7.30am – 7pm (Daily)

2. Lebuh Clarke

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Tucked away in a shady alley is this humble yet lovely stall faithfully serving yummy koay teow th’ng rain or shine, you can find them there every day! This hidden gem is known for their deboned chicken with blanched sprouts that you can have together with your koay teow, not to mention their unique pork-tendon balls that are to-die-for!

📍 Lebuh Clarke, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 7am – 2pm (Closed on Tuesday)

3. 7 Village 七廊粿条汤

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If you’d rather have your koay teow th’ng in the comfort of air-conditioner, then 7 Village is your best option! Though finding parking during lunch hour here might be a little hard, but whatever they serve is worth the hassle. They’re praised for their thick-based soup, and also their affordable prices!

📍 37, Lorong Abu Siti, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 8am – 9pm (Closed on Monday)

4. Pitt Street

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Famous not only amongst the locals but as well as the tourist, so what can possibly bring the crowd to this place? The answer lies within their eel balls. As you chew on the eel balls, mild seafood-sweetness will slowly start creeping onto your taste bud. Add their signature homemade chillies into the soup for an extra kick!

📍 183, Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 8am – 2pm (Closed on Monday)

5. Restaurant 113 Duck Meat Kuih Teow Soup

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For those with exotic taste buds, you should definitely order their braised duck meat and duck intestines! The preparation of the duck meat and intestines are completed with a simple touch of soy sauce and a drizzle of garlic oil, but its yumminess is guaranteed. Lovely dishes to go together with your koay toew!

📍 113, Lebuh Melayu, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 6.30am – 3pm (Closed on Monday)

6. KiO-KA Noodles

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We totally recommend their minced pork koay teow soup because the minced pork is freshly added to the broth before boiling, resulting in a richer in-depth flavour. Every mouthful comes with a strong and bold flavour that keeps you wanting for more. To anyone who prefers a strong kick when it comes to their koay teow soup, try them out today!

📍 29, Lebuh Bishop, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 9am – 9.30pm (Mon, Wed – Fri), 8am – 9.30pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Tuesday

7. Pulau Tikus Night Market

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Popular hangout spot after the sun-down, Pulau Tikus Night Market is often crowded with people sitting around their lok lok tables, chatting away with their friends. Good thing about this place is that you can still order from other hawker stalls even though you’re sitting at the lok lok table, just remember to also order from them!

📍 Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 4pm – 10pm (Daily)

8. Kafe Kam 88

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Have you ever seen koay teow soup with lemon? Never in our existence will we thought of such a thing, of course, our first verdict and response to this are defiance but we still want to check it out and tell you about it. Thanks to the lemon, the soup packs spiciness, savoury and sourness! So, are you game for it?

📍 Ground Floor, No. 35, Lorong Mayang Pasir 5, Taman Sri Tunas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 7am – 3pm (Closed on Sunday)

9. Lebuh Kimberley

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The palatable koay teow th’ng and the pleasing braised chicken feet will surely draw your attention to them as you pass by the hawker stall. It’s actually unusual to see koay teow th’ng and also chicken feet on the same menu, nope, just plain weird. But, the strong flavour of chicken feet goes really well with the soup of koay teow th’ng. Go try it for yourself!

📍 Lebuh Kimberley, Georgetown, 10100 George Town, Penang.

🕐 5pm – 11pm (Closed on Wednesday)

10. Fook Cheow Cafe

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Let’s cut to the chase, finally, we’re at our last! This particular stall is managed by the second generation bringing its homemade fish balls into the market for the enjoyment of the people. The whole experience is further enhanced by the crunchy lettuce and pleasant fish taste from the fish balls!

📍 122 I, Jalan Hutton, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

🕐 7am – 1pm (Closed on Sunday)

10 Best Koay Teow Th’ng In Penang You Need To Know

If we’ve missed out any, do let us know in the comment section down below! Rainy days are the best for a hot bowl of koay teow th’ng, mmm just thinking about it brings a smile onto our faces. Enjoy our list and see you!

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