Malaysians Share 10 Best Picks From Marks & Spencer Food Hall That Are Perfect For Snacking

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Hello foodies! Are you guys ready to hustle through yet another brand new week? If you can’t find motivation anywhere, we have a sweet piece of writeup that might be of great help. It’s a list of 10 items to pick up from Marks & Spencer Food Hall the next time you’re looking for some delicious snacks. Whenever you’re ready, start scrolling!

Add These 10 Marks & Spencer Items Into Your Shopping Cart

1. Milk Chocolate Digestives

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @ketengahketepi (Twitter)

The very first item to include in your grocery bag while shopping in Marks & Spencer is the Milk Chocolate Digestives. These digestives are half-coated with smooth milk chocolate and made with Demerara sugar for a crispier crunchier texture. It’s best to pair these treats with a cup of tea.

Price: ~RM12-15

2. Millionaire’s Mini Bites

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @ketengahketepi (Twitter)

Next up, we have the Millionaire’s Mini Bites! These bite-sized treats are essentially crisped rice, shortbread, and digestive biscuit pieces. Each mini bite comes with a layer of caramel and has a chocolate coating on top for ultimate satisfaction!

Price: ~RM25

3. Dark Chocolate Digestives

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @ketengahketepi (Twitter)

In addition to the Milk Chocolate Digestives, there’s also another version, the Dark Chocolate Digestives. Simply put, instead of milk chocolate, these biscuits come with a layer of Dark Chocolate. So, if you’re a huge fan of all-things Dark Chocolate, these will be perfect for you.

4. Double Chocolate Mini Bites

Photo: @SarahShahS (Twitter)

Another Mini Bites Collection to get while in Marks & Spencer Food Hall is the Double Chocolate Version! So, instead of a caramel layer over crisp rice, this has chocolate buttercream covered in milk chocolate. It’s extremely chocolatey and is perfect to munch on while watching your favourite show on Netflix.

Price: ~RM25

5. Chocolate Cornflake Mini Bites

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @HairiHusseen (Twitter)

Of course, there are more versions of the Mini Bites! The Chocolate Cornflake one comes with mini cornflake bites covered in milk chocolate and is extremely delectable. Don’t worry that you might over snack because these treats are so tiny, you can even have 10 at one go. Sounds like a good plan.

Price: ~RM25

6. Granola & Yogurt Mini Bites

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @aliffdallmimm (Twitter)

Let’s steer away from chocolate for just a bit, the Mini Bites also come in Granola & Yogurt flavour. This flavour consists of oat, crisped rice, raisins and pumpkin seeds in a yogurt coating. It’s definitely a lighter take from the chocolate flavours.

Price: ~RM25

7. Swiss Chocolate: White Chocolate Mountain Bar

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @hidayatdean (Twitter)

Looking for a chocolate bar that you will probably never get enough of? Try out this Marks & Spencer White Chocolate Mountain Bar! It comes with Swiss white chocolate with honey and almond nougat so with each bite, you’ll get smooth white chocolate with a crunch in it.

Price: ~RM16

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @hidayatdean (Twitter)

When it comes to cookies, no one can ever resist Chocolate Chip Cookies, right? Well, the ones from Marks & Spencer are equally lip-smacking and makes the ideal tea-time snacks. Each pack comes with 32 pieces so you can slowly savour them, be it as a late-night snack or the occassional movie time snacks.

Price: ~RM34

9. Redcurrant Puffs

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @fliesfish (Instagram)

This next biscuit treat goes extremely well with a cup of hot tea. It’s none other than Marks & Spencer’s very own Redcurrant Puffs, that has light & golden puffs with a fruit filling made with redcurrant juice.

Price: ~RM15

10. Iced Party Rings

10 Best Marks & Spencer Products
Photo: @ImranLilith (Twitter)

Last but not the very least in this list of must-buy snacks from Marks & Spencer is the Iced Party Rings. They are essentially shortcake biscuit rings that’s half coated with icing. Some find this a tad sweet but if you’re a sweet tooth, you won’t mind trying it out.

10 Must-Try Items At Marks & Spencer Food Hall

And so with these 10 items that our netizens recommended, which Marks & Spencer product would you try out first? Or, if you happen to have any that isn’t on the list, just let us know in the comments. For now, have fun shopping!

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