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You Need To Visit The Picturesque Frog Hill In 2019!

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You Need To Visit The Picturesque Frog Hill In 2019! Frog Hill, also known as Bukit Katak, was once a hidden gem in Penang. A few years ago, it exploded all over Instagram, and many people have visited Frog Hill ever since. If you scroll through Instagram, we are so sure that you will find many amazing drone shots of the place! So, we are here today to help you plan your trip to Frog Hill! Scroll on, friends!

You Need To Visit The Picturesque Frog Hill In Penang

The right time to visit Frog Hill will be in the evening before the sun goes down! The lake will look extremely blue and it translates spectacularly into photographs. Don’t go too early if not you will get sunburn as there are no big trees on the hills. Do remember to pack some water, and snacks for the trip! Also, put on some shoes, but not your favourites ’cause the rocks will leave some stains on the sole!

Frog Hill is approximately an hour drive from the island without traffic. All you need to do is Google Map or Waze your way there! It is in Tasek Gelugor, so turn in when you see the signage! The road inside can be a little difficult and small, so get the best driver among your friends or family to drive for the trip. The rocky road is perfect for four-wheel drive! Don’t worry, city cars can drive into Frog Hill safely too!

Driving in, you will notice the iconic lake first before seeing the hill itself! Drive in carefully and you will notice a space for parking on the right side, directly opposite of the lake. There are portable toilets that are not functioning. Maaf, rosak. Head to the loo first before going on this great adventure! Before climbing up the hill, you will need to go closer to the lake to see clear, clear, water!

Heading up is extremely easy as it is not too steep. The view is amazing, and you need to go to every corner of Frog Hill for pictures. You can take a group shot, a panorama shot, and even your feet dangling off the cliff! If you have a drone, it is time to unpack and work your magic! Now, it is time for some photographs to inspire you to head to Frog Hill.

Isn’t it dreamy?

Milky-blue lake!

Go higher for a better view!

Time for your adventure!

Frog Hill is certainly a must visit, at least once in your lifetime. You can’t find something like this elsewhere in Penang. The hike is not too steep, so it is perfect for friends and family! Oh, don’t forget some sunblock and also tissue to wipe off some sweat! So, who are you going to go to Frog Hill with? Let us know in the comments!


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