People's Choice Awards

Winners Of People’s Choice Awards!

We are the champions, my friends.

A week ago, we have posted up two albums on Facebook, Best Street Food Of The Year, and Best Cafe Of The Year, and you have voted for your favourites! If you have forgotten, there were thirty choices for street food, and twenty choices for cafes!  We are here today to let you know the Winners Of People’s Choice Awards! Are you excited? Scroll down to find out if your favourites made it to the top three!

Winners Of People’s Choice Awards!

Best Street Food Of The Year

As it is our very first People’s Choice Awards, it was very important for us to do it right. However, it was very hard for us to narrow down to only thirty choices for this category because we are blessed with so many great street food scattered all over Penang. But, we managed! Some of the most notable street food that was on the list were laksa, char koay teow, roti canai, and of course, cendol! And, the winner of the Best Street Food Of The Year goes to Deen Maju’s Nasi Kandar!

Deen Maju Nasi Kandar

Photo: @misseta79 (Instagram)

Honestly, that is not a surprise at all! Everybody loves a good plate of nasi kandar. When it comes to nasi kandar, you will have the option to pick your favourite dishes. Not to mention, it is good anytime of the day! Deen Maju is known for its really long queue, it will take you awhile to get your hands on your favourite plate of nasi kandar. Why the long queue? Their curries are extraordinary. If you haven’t given it a try, there is no better than the present!

Penang Road Cendol

Photo: @shaooo29 (Instagram)

We will be extremely surprised if Penang Road’s Cendol didn’t make it to the top three. After all, it is one of Penang’s most famous street food of all time. Never a trend! Every single day, there will be a very long queue ’cause everybody wants their hands on bowl goodness to fight of Penang’s famous heat. Penang Road’s Cendol comes with shaved ice, silky smooth rice flour jelly, red beans, fresh coconut milk, and brown sugar. That sounds like the best combination ever!

Hameed Pata Mee Sotong

Photo: @immanfaquezza (Instagram)

The second runner-up for People’s Choice Awards is Hameed Pata Mee Sotong. As you can imagine, you will need to queue for this too. Is it all worth it in the end? Yes, it is! Hameed Pata Mee Sotong has been located in the windy Esplanade Food Court. You can never find another mee sotong quite like theirs! It is so flavourful, you know they put their heart and soul into making every single plate. Not far from their stall, there is a coconut shake stall, and you need to pair them together for the perfect combination!

Best Cafe Of The Year

Over the years, the cafe scene in Penang has been growing. And, that’s why we have this list! There are no cafes that are alike in Penang. Some of the cafes have the most beautiful interior, and it is so hard to not take a selfie when you are there. Some of the cafes make the best food and you just can’t wait for your next visit! That makes our job hard to narrow down to just twenty cafes in Penang. And, the best cafe in Penang is Matcho Cafe!

Matcho Cafe

Photo: @matchocafe (Instagram)

Matcho Cafe is so beautiful, it makes you want to happy cry. Stepping in, you will notice that the cafe is decorated with pink and green tones with a spot on a rattan swing, dedicated to your Instagram. Not only their creations are extraordinary, but they are also very tasty too! You will need to try their selections of cakes, and pair it together with a good cup of coffee. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, you need to try their famous matcha latte! It will tickle your taste buds in the right way!

Let’s Meat

Photo: @nicole_lsx (Instagram)

The runner-up for Best Cafe Of The Year is tucked in Tanjung Bungah. There is something for everyone ’cause their menu selection is amazing. The best part of Let’s Meat is the fact that you can build your very own burger. We love the fact that they only use premium ingredients. The cosy place also serves pasta, cilantro rice, and also steaks! When you’re there, you also need to give their wild mushroom soup a try. You will not regret it! Did we mention that their beer selection is very amazing?

Dān 单

Dān 单 is the second runner-up for the Best Cafe Of The Year! It is known for its extremely comfortable, and cosy place, a perfect place for an ultimate relaxation afternoon. One of the most notable must-order when you head to the cafe is their signature Hojicha Latte. People couldn’t stop raving about it! No worries, they are really good at making coffee too! If you are looking for something to munch, you need to try their Matcha Lava Cake. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Winners Of People’s Choice Awards!

Congratulations to all the winners of Penang Foodie’s very first People’s Choice Awards. At Penang Foodie, we are always proud of all eateries in Penang. You are one of the many reasons why Penang is known to the world, and we can’t wait to share more about you! Thank you for making us great! As for the voters, did your favourites make it to the top three? Let us know in the comments and thank you for voting! See you next year!


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