We’re All Invited To EcoWorld’s Chinese New Year Campaign!

Fun-filled activities & FREE Red Packets!

Chinese New Year 2019 celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Pig is almost here! From extravagant parades, lively displays, martial art performances to street food galore that will make you want to grab your camera, Penang will be awash with colourful Chinese New Year celebrations.

And for the Year of the Pig, EcoWorld will be celebrating it with you! In conjunction with Chinese New Year 2019, EcoWorld came out in force to bring you a series of exciting events to spice up the festive season!

EcoWorld is Having A Chinese New Year Campaign To Fuel Up Your CNY Vibe

Typically public celebrations are parades and festivals filled with incredible performances, colourful props and light shows surrounding the theme of Chinese New Year, but EcoWorld’s Chinese New Year Campaign is more than just that.

Setting their theme for this year’s CNY Celebration as “YOUNG“, there are ample opportunities to ring in the changes and take part in some time-honoured customs. From family-orientated festive traditions to vibrant in-house carnivals,  EcoWorld is making their best bet to mark the occasion in style. Excited to know what are the activities they have in store for you? Read on.

Photo taken at Eco Sanctuary

1. Family Portrait Game

Since Chinese New Year is an opportunity to create family memories and have fun, EcoWorld has created this family portrait game, where you only need to upload your own family portrait, play a small game, and you’ll stand a chance to win an A3 canvas print of your family photo! Click here to know how!

Photo taken at Eco Ardence
Photo taken at Eco Ardence

2. Chinese New Year Video

Chinese New Year is the most highly anticipated Chinese holiday of the year for good reason- it’s a time of high spirits, bustling energy and many happy reunions. Over the years, Chinese New Year videos have become a vital element to hype up all that CNY vibe. EcoWorld will also be having a video showcasing the elements and traditions of Chinese culture in a new look. Click here to watch it!

Photo taken at Eco Sanctuary

3. CNY Money Packet Redemption

We all love angpaos as a child. Red envelopes, also called red packets, lucky money, or hongbao in Chinese, are a popular monetary gift given on some important occasions or festivals, especially widely seen during the Chinese New Year. It is a Chinese New Year gift with money stuffed into red paper to kids. EcoWorld will be giving away their limited edition red packets!* All are redeemable starting this Saturday (19/1). Click here to redeem them now!
#EcoWorld #XinHuaYOUNG
* Each person can only redeem a stack of angpao, each consisting of 8 angpaos in total
* First come first serve

Photo taken at Eco Ardence

4. Sales Galley On Ground Activities

Photo taken at Eco Sanctuary
Photo taken at Eco Ardence
Photo taken at Eco Sanctuary

By redeeming EcoWorld’s angpaos at their sales gallery, why not participate in their on-ground activities too? EcoWorld sees in the Chinese New Year in style, expect flower markets, CNY Bazaars, face-changing performances, Zodiac Fortune Talks and photo booths. Soak up all the feel-good vibes at this event which is full of noise, colours and fun-filled activities. Also, do note that each business units will have different CNY decorations. So why not visit them all?
For more information, press here.

Photo taken at Eco Ardence

5. HOPE Campaign

Light the lanterns and usher in another great year with new hopes and aspirations. In conjunction with this Chinese New Year, EcoWorld will be showering all of us with great blessings, hopes and wishes through their HOPE Campaign. This campaign aims to effortlessly bring bundles of hope to transform your dream house into reality. Here’s to fulfilling the desires of building your dream house for you and your loved ones with EcoWorld- a new HOPE* for you to own a dream home, find out more by clicking here or visit our EcoWorld Gallery today. #EcoWorld #HOPEbyEcoWorld
*Terms and conditions apply

Join EcoWorld’s Chinese New Year Campaign for an Unforgettable CNY

Thanks to EcoWorld, this Chinese New Year will be anything but boring. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience Chinese culture, as well as creating family memories and having fun. Be sure not to miss any part of it!

For more information, please visit their Facebook & Website.

Photo taken at Eco Ardence






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