This New Fruit Store Sells 180+ Fruit Types From 30+ Countries Around The World

Fruit lovers, this one's for you!

Hello Foodies! Today we’re gonna talk about fruity stuff. Yes, we’ll be rebranding to Penang Fruitie! (Nah, just saying). Let’s start with some interesting fruit facts. Number 1, DID YOU KNOW that we humans share 50% of the same genes with bananas? Congratulations! You’ve just found out that you’re a half banana!

Okay, next. DID YOU KNOW that stickers on fruits are actually edible? We all can be sticker-eaters starting today! And, number 3. DID YOU KNOW that Fruits Deli is Penang’s Newest Fruit Store Selling Rare Fruit Types from All Around the World? Now you know! If you’re an ultimate fruit lover, FruitsDeli is a store you shouldn’t miss!

Fruits Deli: Penang’s Most Culturally Diverse Fruit Shop

Trigger Warning: This article contains jaw-dropping facts and “did you knows” which will make your mind explode. 

Did you know that 7.8 million of premature deaths can be avoided each year if people consumed 5 types of fruits every day? We all know fruits are ridiculously good for our health. Just admit it, fruits rock. They’re low in calories, high in nutrition, high in fibre, and most of them taste incredibly good. Got bored of the usual fruits we get to see in our daily life? FruitsDeli is here to save the day- offering fruits which can be rarely found in Penang, here’s to avoiding you from missing out on a lot of good fruits that we both know about and don’t know about yet!

What’s So Special About FruitsDeli

FruitsDeli might look like other mediocre fruit sections in other grocery stores out there, but never judge a book by its cover- what’s fascinating is on the inside. The entire fruit shop is like a wonder to behold. They offer fruits from over 30 countries around the world where all motherloving fruits are freshly imported and are available for sale at FruitsDeli, which, without doubt, is Penang’s most culturally diverse fruit market.

Fruits Rundown

FruitsDeli offers a  daily selection of fresh fruits, berries and exotic fruits,  directly sourced and supplied by international quality growers. Here are some of the fruits which we find pretty interesting to share with all of you.

1. Pitahaya from Ecuador

Did you know that Pitahaya produced in Columbia and Ecuador are the sweetest, about18°Brix in the pitahaya family? Well, savour my friends, you now can get pitahaya from Ecuador right at FruitsDeli in Penang! Yellow Pitahaya has a smoother texture which brings it the nickname of “Bird’s Nest Fruit”. Low in calorie, with a high content of dietary fibre. The plant protein it contains is a good source of protein and is much healthier than animal protein!

2. Granadilla from Ecuador

The granadilla is our personal favourite. With an orangish thick skin on the outside, when you cut into it, it kinda crack for a little, and you’ll see the edible part, which consists of seeds and jelly-like stuff. Yup, it resembles mini frog eggs, where the little mass of jelly and seeds will stick together in a clump. Yes, it does has the tang of passion fruits yet is way sweeter than that.

3. Aomori Apples from Japan

Did you know that Aomori Apples are the “World’s best Apples.” Compared to others in respect to their color, shape and taste, they distinct as well in terms of quality: sweet, juicy and beautiful unlike any other fruits in the world. And you may even grow to appreciate them much like one appreciates fine art. Also, Aomori tops the apple production in Japan! Thanks to FruitsDeli, we now get to have the taste of such wonderful fruit production!

4. Premium Peaches from Australia

Soft upon touch, with a fragrance that resembles a floral aroma. It has a smooth fibreless texture as well as sweet and juicy content when it’s ripe. That’s the taste of premium peaches from Australia. With fuzzy skin and white coloured with and pink-red strip, their peaches have a much more delicate texture and flavour. They usually arrive in FruitsDeli when they are still firm and crunchy. When it ripens, it tends to become softer and juicier- a fantastic any-time snack. However, do note that these peaches are seasonal and will only be available at FruitsDeli until Chinese New Year!

5.  Formosa Nona from Taiwan

Appearances can be very deceiving. These nonas are not pretty on the outside, yet they are probably the sweetest fruit that exists. Having a creamy white filling on the inside, the texture resembles a grainy pear towards the green knobby clusters but becomes softer and more velvety towards the centre. Wondering how to eat it? Just crack the fruit down between your palms to split it open, then use a spoon to scoop everything out.

6. Premium Strawberry from Korea

Did you know that strawberries aren’t technically a berry or a fruit? Reason being is they have their seeds grown on the outside, making it a “false fruit”. Anyways, who cares though, they’re absolutely delicious. Admit it, a strawberry is amongst some of the most loved fruits on the planet, possessing a unique tangy-sweet taste that draws people to want them. And we can now even get fresher and more delicious Korean strawberries from Fruits Deli!

Pay FruitsDeli a Visit Today

By reading this post, you might be a fruit expert already. However, visiting FruitsDeli is the real deal. Staring at the well-kept display of their wide range of fruits might leave you spoilt of choices, hence do not hesitate to reach out to the storekeepers who are experts on their wares. Visit their store and let us know which fruit is your favourite in the comments below!


Address: 11 Lintang Burma, Penang, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 8.30am- 8.30pm daily
Visit their Facebook & Instagram.


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