These 10 Brands Available In Klang Valley Needs To Be In Penang!

Come here!

Since last year, there are so many brands that are available in Klang Valley opened their very first stores right here in Penang. It makes us so happy! We were so excited when Innisfree opened their doors in Gurney Plaza. Our skin has been extra glowy ever since! Let’s not forget about the amazing Inside Scoop, Jaya Grocer, and also BookXcess. We are so greedy ’cause we are hoping thatĀ These 10 Brands Available In Klang Valley Needs To Be In Penang!

These 10 Brands Available In Klang Valley Needs To Be In Penang!

1. Family Mart

Photo: @tyhwan (Instagram)

Family Mart is everywhere in Klang Valley. It is like the Starbucks of convenience store. Family Mart always release the nicest ice-cream flavours that we have been dreaming to try! Two of their newest creations, Hojicha, and Matcha looks incredible. Unlike any other convenience stores in Penang, Family Mart also sells Oden! That’s right, you get hot Japanese food with a Malaysian twist right out of Family Mart. The convenience store also sells other Japanese food such as Onigiri among Malaysian snacks.

Store Count: 80

Alternative(s): 7-Eleven, Happy Mart.Ā 

2. myBurgerLab

Photo: @justinhee89 (Instagram)

myBurgerLab is a Malaysian burger store with five stores located across Klang Valley. Inspired by other international burger brands like ShakeShack, they make really good burgers with charcoal buns. Since the beginning, they have sparked many news due to their really wild creations. Remember the Milo-coated chicken strips that broke the Internet? Yup, that was them. Hopefully, they will open a store in Penang one day ’cause we would love to build our own burgers everyday!

Store Count: 5

Alternative(s): Spade’s Burger

3. Garrett Popcorn Shops

Photo: @garrettpopcorn (Instagram)

When will the best popcorn shop in the world be available in Penang? We will never know. Have you tried Garrett Popcorn before? If you have, you know they taste absolutely heavenly. Their main flavours are Caramelcrisp, Cheesecorn, and Buttery. Some of their popcorn comes with different types of nuts, too! You will love the extra crunch. Personally, we love Chicago Mix, a mixture of Caramelcrisp and Cheesecorn. Just like myBurgerLab, they have five stores around Klang Valley and zero in Penang!

Store Count: 5

Alternative(s): Popcorn from cinemas!

4. Kakigori

Photo: (Instagram)

Kakigori is a shaved ice dessert bar with a few stores scattered around Klang Valley. They even have a store with a vending machine door! It will be great if Kakigori makes their way to Penang. We need some shaved ice to fight Penang’s heatwave. Their creations are so pretty. Some of the choices for flavours include Uji Matcha, Hojicha, Strawberry, Watermelon, and also Japanese Pumpkin. That’s not all, folks! They have other desserts that will make your heart giggle!

Store Count: 4

Alternative(s): None

5. Tiger Sugar

Photo: @shannonpsl (Instagram)

We know, Tiger Sugar just opened their very first store in Malaysia recently. And, The Alley just made their way to Penang not long ago too! But, it doesn’t hurt to have a lot of options for bubble milk tea. Penangites are big fans of bubble milk tea! Tiger Sugar is said to be super amazing as they worked really hard to perfect the mixture of brown sugar, milk, and tapioca. They got their name from the effect of the sugar, and milk! It looks tiger stripes, right? Come to Penang, please?

Store Count: 1

Alternative(s): The Alley

6. Snowflake

Photo: Snowflake (Malaysia)

We are a big fan of Taiwanese desserts. We need ourselves a bowl of sweet things! Snowflake has many series that you can choose from. You can choose between soya bean, matcha, mango, and many more! Apart from that, you can also opt to customise your very own bowl! That’s right, you can choose the base, and your toppings to get your dream bowl. That honestly sounds like a dream! Guess what? They have five stores scattered in Klang Valley and none here!

Store Count: 5

Alternative(s): BlackBall

7. Nomms

Photo: Nomms (Facebook)

We have only heard good things about Nomms. We think that it will be a great addition to Penang’s list of fried chicken! Their menu is like no other fast food restaurant. They have really extraordinary side dishes to go with the fried chicken. Some choices include chicken fragrant rice with curry or rendang, and also pasta made with Asian spices. If you are not into fried chicken, they also serve grilled chicken and tempura fried fish. Nomms sounds unusual in a very good way, and we want them here!

Store Count: 2

Alternative(s): 4Fingers, Texas Chicken, KFC

8. Paper Fish

Photo: Paper Fish (Facebook)

Our list of poke bowls in Penang is pretty depressing and we need to elevate it! If you are not familiar with the concept of poke bowl, it is basically a mixture of rice, vegetables, and raw fish. Not only it is healthy, it is super delicious when it is done right! Paper Fish is one of the best poke bowls in Klang Valley. You get to choose rice, brown rice, baby greens, and even quinoa as a base! There are even four flavours of salmon for you to pick! So many choices, we love it! Come here!

Store Count: 1

Alternative(s): Tummy Bowl

9. Starbucks Reserve

Photo: @nomsofvan (Instagram)

Starbucks is celebrating their 20th year in Malaysia. We get it, there are so many Starbucks in Penang! Why do we need another Starbucks? Well, Starbucks Reserve isn’t like any normal Starbucks you can find right here. First and foremost, they have exclusive merchandise that you can only get in reserve stores! Yes, they have black colour Starbucks merchandise that we need! Also, they have special brews of coffee! We are so sure that this will elevate the coffee scene in Penang!

Store Count: 5

Alternatives: Normal Starbucks šŸ™

10. Carl’s Jr.

Photo: @carlsjr (Instagram)

Yes, another burger store on the list! Carl’s Jr. has been around in Klang Valley for a very long time and we wondering why they are not in Penang yet. Carl’s Jr. is known for their amazing burgers, especially their creations with portobello mushrooms, Portobello Mushroom Burger, and Portobello Mushroom Chicken Sandwich. Let’s not forget about their amazing Beef Chilli Cheese Fries! Combined both of them together, and it is a satisfying meal!

Store Count: 5

Alternative(s): Wendy’s

These 10 Brands Available In Klang Valley Needs To Be In Penang!

Do you think that these 10 brands will be coming to Penang someday? Honestly, we hope that they would so that we don’t have to go all the way to Klang Valley just to get ’em! Some other things that we wish would open in Penang include the amazing stationery shop, Typo, and the famous fashion brand, Zara! What do you like about Klang Valley, and wish that they are available in Penang? Let us know in the comments!


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