Stand A Chance To Win A Ticket To deTECH Conference In Penang from 15th July – 15th August 2019

Techies, we have more news for you about Penang’s largest tech conference! If you’ve not bought your ticket for this amazing conference then you may want to read this article carefully. There’s a contest involved and you may be one of the 8 lucky winners of a free ticket. deTECH conference is happening on the 1st October 2019 – 2nd October 2019.

Don’t Miss Out On This Conference If You’re A Techie!

There are more than 300 attendees for this conference and you’ll be able to talk to people who share the same passion for technology. This conference is open to both students and entrepreneurs.

All attendees will be able to get a limited edition conference gift bag and deTECH Conference e-certificate. The best part is there are free meals for all attendees throughout the conference.

This conference six key themes that will be presented by Kee Cheng Heng from HelloHolo, and Chong Yong Yee from Design Tinker. The six key themes will include artificial intelligence, data science, cyber security, smart city, immersive technologies, and smart retail.

Photo: deTECH Conference (Facebook)

Now Let’s Talk About The Exciting Contest!

Infineon who is one of the many sponsors for this conference will be running a contest and giving out 8 free tickets to selected winners. So if you want to attend this conference but you’ve yet to buy your tickets then this is your chance to win one!

The title for this contest will be Infineon Ideation Contest 2019: Shaping the Cities of the Future and it will be from 15th July 2019 – 15th August 2019. You can fill up the submission form here if you’re interested in winning a free ticket.

This contest is open to anyone who is residing in Malaysia and is at least 18 years old and above. To all the directors, officers, employees of the Organisers and immediate family members are not eligible for this contest. All proposals that are in PDF format must be received by 15th August 2019 at 23:59:59 (Malaysian Time). You are encouraged to use your creativity hence you can use pictures, graphics, drawings to illustrate your idea or concept. All of your submissions will be judged based on the best use of Infineon products technologies, innovativeness of idea and creativity. All of the Organisers’ decisions are final so don’t haggle them about the results because you will not be entertained. Participants are allowed to submit as many entries as they like but one participant is only qualified to win one entry ticket.

You will be contacted via Facebook and Private Message and/or email by the Organisers if you’re the selected winner. If you’re one of the selected winners, you will need to respond to the notification within 5 working days and if there are no respond within the 5 days, the Organisers have the right to select a replacement. Prizes must be claimed in person directly from the registration booth at Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) on 1st October 2019 from 8:00 am onwards. Remember to produce your ID that has a photograph of you when collecting your prize. The closing date for prize collection is 2nd October 2019 at 16:59:59 (Malaysian Time).

Photo: deTECH Conference (Facebook)

All the best to all participants who are participating in this contest! Let that creative juice flow freely to create the best invention known to mankind.


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