Penang’s Oldest KFC Is Set To Close In Four Days

Unfortunately, the title is not a click bait, it is totally true. We can already hear the shattering sound of a thousand hearts breaking and the sobbing that comes after. We’re very sad to be delivering this news to you but the closing is inevitable so let’s try to take this news calmly okay. Penang’s Oldest KFC is set to close down in four days after over 30 years in business.

Closing Down Of The Oldest KFC In Penang

Photo: @m_kheong (Instagram)

Let’s Turn Back ToThose Good Times We’ve Had

For more than 3 decades, they’ve been faithfully serving patrons that have stepped into their outlet with the best that they have. It really saddens us all because this place has already found a place in our hearts. No matter the people stopping by for a quick meal or just hanging with friends over some finger-licking good fried chickens, it has brought joy over the years.

“I remember my dad used to bring me and my siblings to this KFC whenever it’s his payday. It was a sweet and nostalgic memory because there was the playground so we were able to play while enjoying fried chickens. We used to call it a Castle KFC because of its appearance. When I heard about the closing of this place, there goes my memory of my childhood days here.” said a fellow Facebook user, Alfa Ayfa.


Another one, Shanaz Shana said “This KFC is one of my favourite places for KFC. This KFC is the first place I brought my kids for fried chicken. A place that is full of fond memories, very upset that I can’t bring my kids to this KFC anymore. Wish that they will keep this historical building.”

The notice is put up at the glass door thanking their loyal customers for their support and invited them to visit other outlets that are nearby. This is for real now, goodbye!

Source: Penang Kini


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  1. The oldest KFC in Penang was in Bukit Mertajam, near the main market. It’s closed since.
    The oldest KFC on Penang island was the Bukit Bendera branch at Lai Lai, Ayer Itam. It has also closed since.
    The Komtar branch came next.
    After that, KFC opened this Larut Road branch – 1987?

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