Penang Yosakoi Parade Is Back For The 7th Year In March 2019

Calling out all Japanese culture fanatics in Penang! Good news for you, Penang Yosakoi Parade is back again this year and it is more exciting than ever before with their cultural dances, Japanese food bazaar, Japanese costumes and cosplayers. Yosakoi dance is the very reason for this event, but as you can see they also have lots of activities and attractions to keep their audience entertained. Throughout the years they’ve been introducing new elements in Penang Yosakoi to make this a truly evolving and exciting Japanese themed event! Mark your calendar, peeps!

Penang Yosakoi Parade Happening In March

yosakoi penang 2019

What To Expect

Photo: @penang_yosakoi_parade (Instagram)
Photo: @penang_yosakoi_parade (Instagram)

Keep your eyes out on the beautiful costumes and lively dance moves from Japanese and local troupes as they take the streets for the parade of international cosplayers, festive mikoshi carrying and more.

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The Origin Of Yosakoi

Photo: @yolo.yosakoi (Instagram)

Yosakoi is a contemporary form of Japanese festival dance. Its style is a unique fusion of traditional and modern Japanese dance movements. The Yosakoi event originated from the city of Kochi on the island of Shikoku in 1954 after the war. The purpose was to promote the island’s tourism and economy by adopting a local traditional folk dance called the Awa Odori into a dance parade that allows everyone to join and have fun at night, as Yosakoi means “Come at Night” in the local dialect. Too interesting to miss, read more here:

For more updates about the event, read:

Don’t forget to come, 9th of March at Esplanade! See you at 4 PM!


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