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Library In The Park: Penang Digital Library Phase 2 Opens Today

Phase 2 Up & About

When the digital library came about opened for 24 hours, night owl and student burning the midnight oil during exam season were in joy and guess what guys, Penang Digital library has expanded and there’s so much more to look forward to while you get your hands on over 3,000 e-books, e-magazines, and reference journals!

Picture by: gecpenangstem

Penang Digital Library Phase 2 Is Now To Open To Public

Library In The Park: Penang Digital Library Phase 2 opens today.

Spending over RM10.8 million for Penang Digital Library Phase 2, come around and take a look at what an impressive addition they’ve built which includes restaurants, cafes as well as digital infrastructure and information technology.

New Phase Of Penang Digital Library
Picture by thomaskeee (Instagram)
Picture by thomaskeee (Instagram)

Composed of two double-story buildings which cover a comfortable reading space at  Mansion Library, learning space and discussion as well as children zone, dining space and cafe in the park including an open compartment for  reading activities and recreational learning in the ‘ Wisdom Street’,  come over and indulge in coffee over a chat from 8 am till 10 pm as approved by the state government taking in consideration and demand from the students and etc!

Remember to pay the library a visit if you happen to be in Penang!

With an aim to accommodate 540 users at any one time, bring the whole clan to the library one of these days and enjoy the facilities our state government has provided us any time of the day at your leisure.

Penang Digital Library

Address: No. 135, Jalan Masjid Negeri, Daerah Timur Laut, 11600 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04-3708715
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