Penang Beach Emerges Top 10 Across the Globe

It will be no surprise to us if one were to say that Penang is amongst the must-visits, especially in South East Asia. From our beaches to our great food, one would truly be missing out to not drop by for at least half a week. The pleasures of Penang is not unbeknownst to the outside world, either. In fact, just this Tuesday, Penang has been ranked top 10 in International Living’s “21 Great Value Beaches Around The World”.

Penang Emerges Top 10 on “Great Value Beaches Around The World”


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International Living, a US-based magazine company established since 1979 that features retirement and relocation options around the globe, has recently included Penang as a top 10 destination in their write-up on “21 Great Value Beaches Around The World“.

The top beaches were in Salinas, Ecuador and Pedasi, Panama. Penang came in 8th place on this list.

International Living spoke of English is a widely spoken language in Penang as it was formerly colonised by the British. It also said Penang’s population to be “700,000 with a majority of the people living in its capital, George Town”.

“Penang has been one of the top expat destinations in Malaysia fr years. It is not a bustling city like Kuala Lumpur, yet it still has all the comforts of home. There is everything from breaches and shopping to great food and a vibrant culture.”

Photo of Penang City by International Living
by @ International Living (Website)

Throwing in some percentages in race-composition, they described Penang as “a multicultural island”.

“Culturally, it’s a mind-blowing place to live, and with a mix of these cultures, the food is touted to be the best in all of Southeast Asia.”

Furthermore, they advised their readers to “eat where the locals eat”, before reassuring readers that the food is safe for foreigners, delicious, and affordable (“less than $5”, which translates to RM20.55).

“A couple can rent and live well in Penang for about $1,455 (RM 5980.89) per month.”

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