This Minimalist Bubble Tea Cafe Is Your Next Go-To Chill Spot In Penang

Count meme in!

Hello, fam! Happy New Year from all of us in Penang Foodie. We are so excited for 2019, and we are hoping that there will be many amazing cafes and restaurants opening in our state. So, let’s start with this one! There’s A Super Lavish Bubble Milk Tea Cafe In Penang! Over the years, there was a shift when it comes to bubble milk tea. From night markets, to kiosks in shopping malls, and the current trend, cafes!

Read on as there is an opening promotion!

There’s A Super Lavish Bubble Milk Tea Cafe In Penang!

We simply love the concept of bubble milk tea in a cafe. There is finally a place for us to sit and relax while enjoying bubble milk tea. It’s like coffee, but better! Can you imagine yourself reading a book while sipping your favourite bubble milk tea? Now, you can! Meet MEME XPRESS! MEME XPRESS is located at Bay Avenue, just five minutes drive from Queensbay Mall.

The space is super beautiful with almost everything in white marble design! Stepping in, you will notice the right side of the cafe has marble walls which separated with light beams, great for photographs. The bar counter and tables are also marbled! Trust us, you will love their super luxe pink colour chairs with criss-crossed stitching. It’s made out of velvet material. Love!

Time For Some Bubble Milk Tea!

Now, for the main event, bubble milk tea! As you can expect, there are many choices for you to choose from! There are Yogurt Fresh Tea, Fresh Brew with Cheese, Matcha and Cocoa, Coffee, Milk Tea, Pure Brew, Yakult, Fresh Fruit Series, Smoothie, and Brown Sugar! That’s 10 different categories altogether. Add-ons include yogurt, cheese, agar, nata, pearl, red bean, and aloe vera. Yums!

So, what are the must-orders when you visit MEME XPRESS? If you are looking for something absolutely refreshing, you need to try their MEME Fruit Tea. It comes with fresh fruits like dragonfruits and orange slices. Cute for the ‘gram, and healthy for you. Still vibin’ bubble milk tea with cheese? Try out their Fresh Brew with Cheese. Some choices include their signature Misty Tea and all-time favourite Oolong Tea!

Another must-try is their Strawberry Yogurt. It is refreshingly sour. All of their yogurts are freshly made in-house from scratch daily. Fresh fruits used in the beverages are handpicked by their tea barista to ensure its freshness. A great drink if you are stuffed from dinner and still want to drink something right after. The drink comes in hues of pink that you will love.

If you don’t like any of these suggestions, check out their menu! Their favourite ones are marked with a love shape right next to their name. Don’t forget to ask the friendly staffs for suggestions too!

Hungry? MEME XPRESS Serves Cakes Too!

If you are a big fan of mille crepe cakes, come here! They have so many choices. Well, not as many as the drinks menu. Their mille crepe cakes are so colourful, and it is made with fresh cream. It is surely something you will need to try at least once in your lifetime. We are going to drop you some pictures to keep you starvin’! By the way,MEME XPRESS makes hot snacks for you too!

There Is A Grand Opening Promotion!

Buy 1 Free 1!

That’s our favourite word, promotion! Are you ready? On the day of their opening, buy any drink and you will get either Pearl Milk Tea or Red Bean Milk Tea for free! Foodies, don’t miss out! This promotion will be happening on their grand opening date, 11th January 2019. Mark your calendars! And, if you have been following them, you know that they will be opening in Gurney Plaza, and another branch in Plaza Pelangi, Johor Bahru!

📍 Google Map | ⏰ Sunday to Thursday, 10.30 a.m. -2:00 a.m., Friday and Saturday 10.30 a.m.-3:00 a.m.

💻 Facebook  & Instagram | 🔖 Muslim-Friendly Cafe


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