Haru Hari Coffee: A New Minimalist Cafe That Serves Special Homemade Marshmallow

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Foodies! Don’t say we never take care of you, we just recently spotted a very Instagrammable cafe over at the newly opened Cubo Park! From the marshmallow they serve to the interior of the cafe, it just screams minimalist and Instagrammable! Trust me, your feed will look so much cooler!

Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

Haru Hari Coffee: A New Minimalist Cafe

haru hari coffee
Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

Frozen S’more Marshmallow With Vanilla Ice Cream

Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

They don’t only specialise in coffee, marshmallow is also their strong point. Roasted to the perfect texture, their homemade marshmallow is sure to satisfy you. Not to mention, it is so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes!

Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

Haru Hari Signature Coffee

Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

Get yourself their signature coffee to slow down and unwind after a long day. Ask your friend to join you for some bonding sesh over a cup of coffee. Learn to stop and appreciate your surroundings today! Have fun! They’re open from 4.30 PM- 12 AM on a daily!

Photo: @haruharicoffee (Instagram)

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