Come Over To ECC Coffee For A Healthy-Vaganza Meal In Penang

It's Healthy All Day, Everyday At ECC Coffee

Unbeknownst to some residents in Penang, ECC Coffee does not only sell outstanding beverages but has often emphasized the elements of health as an integral part of their menu. Established since the year of 2016, housed within Gurney Tower along Kelawai Road, ECC Coffee comprises of both indoor and outdoor space that is suitable for patrons from all walks of life. With self-service whereby customers can grab their preferred eats on the go, convenience and health are two major aspirations at ECC Coffee. Come 3 thriving years in the cafe scene, ECC Coffee has undergone revamp for a whole new look that is even more classy, comfy, and cozy.






Unique Beverages

Over at ECC Coffee, whether you’re a coffee, tea or chocolate lover, you will be spoiled to choice as there are plenty of beverages that will definitely cater to your personal preference.

Cold and hot coffee beverages are freshly brewed, or make the bold choice by ordering ECC’s special rendition of Chocolate Beverages (Cioccolata) or their Speciality Coffee (Espressa), and you will be impressed by their unique and one-of-a-kind elevation to these seemingly ordinary beverages which creates extraordinary drinks such as the Strawberry Cioccolata and Mentina Espressa.

Perhaps you’re an avid lover of fruit tea then the Soursop Te Freddo has to be on your order list as it is both invigorating and refreshing, truly a perfect remedy for Penang’s scorching hot weather. Aside from caffeinated drinks, bottles of fresh fruit juices are available for those who are simply feeling under the coffee weather.

Strawberry Cioccolata: RM 12.90 (Hot)

Strawberry and Chocolate have always been known as the perfect pair but this cup of Strawberry Cioccalata is out of the world, divine. Retaining its comforting and warm role as all chocolate drinks do, a twist of strawberry further enhances the aroma of this drink by creating a bittersweet aftertaste.

Tasty Cakes and Muffins

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, fret not. ECC Coffee has seasonal cake flavours such as Sakura Cheese and muffins like Orange Poppy Seed Muffin that are not only pleasing to the eyes but also yummy to the tummy. Head over to ECC Coffee to catch their myriad of seasonal cakes’ and pastries’ flavours.

Timeless Ciabatta

ECC Coffee understands how important health is which is why they’ve decided to include healthy eats into their menu. The Vege Lover Ciabatta is literally a holy grail for all health-enthusiasts out there but if you’d like to have some cheese in your diet, then the Tomato & Cheese will make your day. Or if you feel like having something ordinary to kickstart a full-day schedule, the Classic Ciabatta is highly recommended. Other fillings include Tuna Sensation and Chessy Ham.

The Classic: RM 8.90

Vege Lover Ciabatta: RM 10.90

Tomato & Cheese Ciabatta: RM 11.90

Tuna Sensation: RM 12.90

Cheesy Ham: RM 13.90

Healthy, Italian Focaccia

Having been serving Ciabatta to healthy and loyal customers, ECC Coffee is now introducing an even healthier option, the Focaccia. Focaccia is an Italian yeast flatbread that is freshly baked with rosemary and olive oil and it literally has the word HEALTHY written all over it. Consisting of The Classic, Vege Lover, Tomato & Cheese, Cheesy Ham, and Tuna Sensation.

The Classic: RM 8.90


Vege Lover: RM 10.90




Tomato & Cheese: RM 11.90

Tuna Sensation: RM 12.90

Cheesy Ham: RM 13.90

Super Deals and Promotions

Did you know that at ECC Coffee, La Lealta card members are entitled to a 20% off from their total bill? Sign up today at ECC Coffee to enjoy esteemed privileges!

Additionally, patrons are entitled to 15% off total bill upon displaying select partners’ privilege cards. Head over to ECC Coffee to find out if you’re entitled to this super-worthy deal!

In conjunction with ECC Coffee’s 3rd Anniversary, they are having a Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion for all beverages, except Ice Blended and bottled drinks. This promotion is valid from 3rd April 2019 until 16th April 2019. Hurry over to ECC Coffee so you won’t miss out on this!

On-The-Go Delivery Service

If you’re stuck in the office due to a busy schedule or perhaps you just find it lazy to head out great news! ECC Coffee is now available for online order through Deliver Eat, simply click here.

Address: Gurney Tower, R-G-B1-2 Jalan Kelawai, 10250, Penang.

Operating Hours: 8.30 AM – 11.30 PM (Opens Daily)

As an experienced coffee establishment, ECC Coffee has made it their aspiration to provide health benefits to customers walking through that door. How about getting off your couch, head over to ECC Coffee and bask yourselves in the coffee-scented, comfortable ambience? Definitely sounds like a good plan.

Come Over To ECC Coffee For A Healthy-Vaganza Meal!

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