Chatto-Handcrafted Tea Bar In Penang (Must Visit If You Love Tea)

More Bubble Milk Tea But Better!

Foodies! Overwhelmed by the rapid growth of tea chains blooming and booming at ever part of the corner in Penang?  Don’t be just yet cuz Chatto here is getting in the scene of sourcing out some of the best-handcrafted tea with tea leaves imported from Shizuoka Japan, Taiwan, and China offering you some of the ultimate premium experience in the neighborhood since 2017 and they’ve got us hooked!

Chatto-Handcrafted Tea Bar Is Here In Penang

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While they ventured into the industry in early 2017,  with an amazing concept of serving Japanese concept Tea Bar with a great taste without compromising on the health benefits and customers get to sip their tea in a comfortable and relaxing encompassed of pretty greeny ambiance and nude colors, Chatto has branched out to more than 30 outlets since launched and looking into branching out to 40 more has done a pretty great job building their customer base with consistency and for sure making them bubbles with the best texture!

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What’s Good In Here

Step in and let the Hojicha’s roasted aroma swoon you to the counter! Ranging from Hojicha to local favorite Matcha Latta, Brown Rice Tea and Organic Oolong tea for the health sipper and Cheese Wintermelon tea for the adventurous buds, delight yourself up to 30 options of exciting and refreshing drinks just for you guys!

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Chatto doesn’t end it here. Feeling a like a little snack to munch on while sipping? Offering snacks from croissant ham and cheese sandwich and some tidbits, they even got you covered with a full on meal! All you gotta do is Pick a Bento from various options starting from Fried Tape Bento (Rm12. 90) Raver Chicken Row Bento( Rm13. 90) Fried Shrimp Bento (Rm13. 90) Burn Mackerel Bento (Rm14. 90) Osaka burn chicken row Bento (Rm14. 90). This could be your go-to place to study, read a book or THE hangout spot who has it all!


By Chatto Malaysia

Chatto-Handcrafted Tea Bar

So whatcha waiting for foodies? Bored of your go-to spot? We’ve got a new option for ya packed with drinks brewed to perfection, snacks to nibble on and even full-on meals for more! Be the early newbies to check this place out and tell us your favorite drinks! To find out more, check out their Facebook Page and gain the insights for what’s next.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 1100am till 1100pm, Friday & Saturday: 1100am till 1200am
Address: 143, Lebuh Carnarvon, 10100 Georgetown World Heritage Site.
Tel: +604 2519736


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