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Book Xcess Will Be Opening In Gurney Paragon Penang

Cheap books for everybody!

Do you love Big Bad Wolf? If you do, you will be so happy to know that BookXcess will be opening their very outlet in Penang! BookXcess is the parent company of Bid Bad Wolf and they are known for their outrageous cheap prices for books, stationery, and many more. Currently, there are seven BookXcess around Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas.Ā Book Xcess Will Be Opening In Gurney Paragon!

Book Xcess Will Be Opening In Gurney Paragon!

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

One of the most famous Big Bad Wolf is in Tamarind Square, tucked in Cyberjaya. Why is it famous? Well, it is 24 hours! There are even tables and bean bags at the 24 hours BookXcess so that you can read, relax, and even work! Sounds like a dream, yes? You will be glad to know that they are finally expanding to Penang! They will be launching their newest store on the seventh floor of Gurney Paragon and it is huge!

Does the seventh floor of Gurney Paragon sound familiar? It should. That was the last location of Big Bad Wolf that was held last year. Ever since they have been under renovation to create the biggest, and greatest bookshop in Penang. It is going to bring the book scene in Penang to a whole new level. We don’t have to wait for Bid Bad Wolf to stock up our books no more!

How Does It Look Like?

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Lucky for all of us, BookXcess has been teasing us with amazing pictures of the new bookshop in Gurney Paragon! Their book shelves extend from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Not to worry, you will still get a glimpse of the iconic Gurney Drive from the windows. Similar to other BookXcess, there will be seats scattered around the bookshop so that you can relax while you’re finding for the perfect book.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Let’s not forget the children’s section with paper lanterns, green carpet, and blue bookshelves. We are sure that it is inspired by nature with the lanterns as clouds, bookshelves as the sky, and the green carpet portraying lush grass. That’s not all, folks! BookXcess went out of the box with their interior and there’s a bookshelf that expands all the way to the eight floor. You will need to go up the staircase to find your books.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

We think that the newest BookXcess is super Instagrammable. It is time to pick your books, and spot for your photos! By the way, there is even a cafe in BookXcess. You get to buy coffee without leaving the bookshop. Honestly, we think that it is a trap. Can you imagine how much money and time you’re going to spend there? We know it is too early to say this ’cause it’s only January, but we think this is going to be the best thing that is going to happen in Penang for 2019!

Time To Buy Some Cheap Books!

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

In BookXcess, you can find all sorts of genres and titles. Are you already excited? You can check out their website to see all their books that are available online to kick-start. We are so thankful for BookXcess, they make it so easy for us to buy books and grow our love for reading. Mark your calendars! It is going to open on the 24th January 2019 at Gurney Paragon. Welcome to Penang, BookXcess! We are happy to finally have you!

šŸ“ Gurney Paragon |Ā ā° 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

šŸ’» Website |Ā šŸ”– Opening on the 24th January 2019


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