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Batu Kawan Central Park Chinese New Year Makeover

The Festive Begins!

Besides filling your bellies with delectable Chinese dishes from all those reunion dinners and visiting your relatives from every part of the city, fill your CNY calendar with a gorgeous sight visit to the Aspen Central Park at Batu Kawan considering itself the first of its kind cuz the team  of the 25 acre land has gone all out to showcase a magical garden filled with signature colors, lanterns, and props this piggy season and you ain’t missing it!

Chinese New Year @ Aspen Central Park, Batu Kawan

Looking for ways to escape the Chinese New Year Craze? Pack some of that festive snacks, load the car with fuel and drive down to this venue where breathtaking fountains shoot up to the sky, higher than you could imagine, thrilling skywalks give you a stunning view of the whole park from a vantage point and astonishing landscapes that transport you into a wondrous world especially when the evening dim light sets in and the colorful lights refract its way across the lovely flowers and pathway!

Oh, and you might want to head down before the crowd gathers. After all, the early bird gets the worm and in this case, lots of IG photos!

📷 Tip: When taking pictures in the garden, try embracing a low depth of field. You’ll discover that all the details have the potential of transforming into something uniquely abstract.

So guys, whatcha waiting for? Get Snapping while screaming away Gong Xi Fa Cai with your friends and family! The Central Island Park is located at Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan in mainland Penang. No idea? Click on to this address here and drive on!

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