This Penang Cafe’s Christmas Desserts Are Too Adorable To Eat


Foodies, we’re bringing you on another food venture after a short break. Since Christmas is around the corner, we thought why not try out something sweet and cute for you guys? We stumbled upon And Dolce’s Christmas desserts one fine day and immediately went to try them out. Why? Scroll down to find out.


A Brief Background of And Dolce:

Sister to the famous dessert establishment nestled in Georgetown, Dolce Dessert. And Dolce is set in Solaria Square, offering the same great French patisserie with a local twist. When we first stepped in, we were amazed by the clean, contemporary space with minimal furnishing.

The layout of the shop is pretty straight forward. Order at the counter (and pay of course), get your seat and wait to be served. Rows and rows of beautiful, flawless pastries gracefully placed in the chilled counter so you could get a picture of what you’re ordering. Of course, we went with the Christmas series and look how cute they were!

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Enough Babbling, Taste Test of And Dolce:

The Sesame Noir (RM19) caught our eyes on first glance. Beautiful, dark chocolate shell glazed beautifully with white cream. It reminded us of black, snowy Christmas. We cracked and somehow destroyed it to get the taste. The flavours of black sesame popped in our mouth, followed by the citrusy tang of passion fruit and the hazelnut base. The flavours came in layers and at towards the end, they were somehow harmonized.

Our next star is Snowman (RM19) which somehow reminded us of Olaf, very Christmassy. You can never guess what lies within the pure, innocent white skin. Its main flavour is Earl Grey guys, mind-blown, great job And Dolce. The strong tea flavour is balanced off with Bergamot orange puree and the chocolate moist added texture, elevating the whole experience.

This Coffee Praline (RM17) with a touch of Christmas spirit was a win as well. Rich, classic flavours, that will trick your taste bud. Why say so? Because at first try, we thought it had a hint of coffee and chocolate cream. As we indulge, the flavours of hazelnut popped up as if we’re having Nutella. While the presentation is not as strong as the other two, the flavour won our heart away.

On to the last cute Christmas desserts at And Dolce. While we were told that this is isn’t their new-new Christmas desserts but a classic in And Dolce, we thought it’s only appropriate to include it. Bunny (RM19) has a blush pink tone with soft, cute bunny face that is so Christmas. What lies within is local’s favourite drink flavor, Thai tea. Paired with caramel coffee, can you even imagine the flavors? You have to try it for yourself.

Also a Shoutout to And Dolce’s Croissants:

Did you know And Dolce serves one of the best croissants in town? Baked fresh daily, their croissants (RM5 each) are so buttery. Crispy with a hint of salt on the outside, fluffy on the inside, so good. Finish off with a cup of tea and unwind in their comfortable space.

The Verdict of And Dolce:

While the price might be a little steep for a small piece of cake, think about the details And Dolce pour in. You can definitely taste quality and passion in each of their pastry, not just some good looking cakes that is an utter disappointment.

And Dolce

Address: 2-G-8, Medan Rajawali, Solaria Square, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Operating Hour: (Tues-Thurs&Sun)12-7 p.m. (Fri&Sat) 12-11 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)
More Info:

Taste: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Experience: 7.5/10

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