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5 Things You Can Do in Penang Merdeka 2018

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It’s the time of the year again, Malaysian’s most anticipated and memorable day. Malaysian’s Independence Day a.k.a Merdeka is happening on the 31 August 2018. This year, we celebrate our 61st Independence Day. Many have forgotten the history and importance of this day. But to the older generations, it was a break free from colonization, a new life. Of course Merdeka isn’t all about staying home to commemorate this day, we have tonnes of activities to share with you. So plan ahead and head out to celebrate Merdeka as we bring you the 5 Things You Can Do in Penang Merdeka 2018.

Exciting Things to Do in Penang Merdeka 2018:


#1 Catch 10381 Balloons Raining Down


You heard that right. To celebrate Merdeka, Megamall Pinang is throwing a hige balloon shower on 31 August 2018. That said, 10,381 balloons will rain down in the mall! The figure 10,381 represents I ♥ 31.8, in honor of our Independence Day. Catch as many balloons as you can as there are hidden gifts in it. You could walk away with an Oppo F9, Honor 5x and many more. You can find out more like the time and itinerary here. Megamall Pinang is also organizing a Thai Food Festival. It’s going to be a fun thing to do this Penang Merdeka 2018, so keep the date.


Address: Megamall Pinang. 2828, Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.
Time: 12 p.m.-10 p.m.


#2 Join Merdeka Parade 2018

Street Photography :.. Desmond Chin Soon Peng.

Merdeka Parade is not limited to KL only like the one you see happening in Stadium Merdeka each year. Penang is also proudly celebrating Merdeka. This Penang Merdeka 2018, the parade will be held at Esplanade. More than 150 contingents representing various government agencies such as the State Secretary, JKR,  MBPP, MPSP, District Office, PDRM, Bomba, Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, RELA and many more will be taking part in the parade. Do note several roads in George Town will be closed to motorists from 6.30am to 12pm on Wednesday (29 Aug) and Friday (31 Aug). Find out more on the road closures here.

Malay Mail


The Star

Address: Esplanade Penang
Time: 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.


#3 Go to Penang Merdeka Music Festival 2018

You guys do know that Penang is also celebrating Georgetown Festival right? So in conjunction with Merdeka and also the closing weekend of the festival, there’s a Merdeka Music Festival happening this weekend. Set to be in the most magnificent venue in Penang —Muchacha. It is the first floating bar in Penang! Catch Acidic Bunch, Volatile, The Brickhouse Band + Anwar & Botak and more at the music festival. Sing, dance and party your way through Penang Merdeka 2018.

The Acidic Bunch



Address: Church Street Pier, Weld Quay, (Next to Penang Ferry Terminal). Georgetown, Penang.
Date: 31/8-1/9 2018
Time: 6 p.m.-1 a.m.


#4 Grab All The F&B Promotions and Deals

Yesss it’s no secret that outlets and merchants will offer exciting deals during celebrations. Merdeka is no different. Since we’re Penang Foodie, or course our job is to feed you guys with good food. we have curated an article dedicated to Merdeka F&B Promos, so read that up, eat more and save more. Milktea, ice cream and cakes are just a few to name. Be sure to check all deals in Penang Merdeka 2018.



#5 Explore Penang- Of Heritage and Cafes

Cr: @gina.phillips

What is Penang without the rich culture and heritage, and of course, cafes. Ask anyone and they will tell you the to-do list in Penang is to walk, stop, recharge, and walk. Especially during Merdeka, to commemorate the history and blood shed past. What’s better than taking a walk through the historical buildings like Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Colonial Penang Museum and arm yourself with more knowledge? In between that, find a few cafes to relax and quench yourself, we have tonnes of cafes. We’ll link you to the latest cafes in Penang alright?

Credit: @sarangslal_09



Photo by @miko.wei.

Bonus: PIFF 2018 is back!

The Penang Street Food Festival 2018 returns! This Merdeka (National Day) weekend – 1 & 2 September, let’s all be at Penang’s Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai) to feast and indulge. All the Penang street food that you can think of (mainland and island), 120 stalls of street food filling up Beach Street and an ambience of a pop-up garden. Let’s go!

Join Penang Foodie Group!

Foodies, before you leave, come join our New Private Community Group! Feel free to ask questions, share your love for food, and explore the Penang community! We will also regularly post about casual promos and latest findings. Click on the image below and hunt good food with us today!


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