10 Pretty Garden-Inspired Cafes In Penang You Have To Visit

You need a little nature once in a while!

Sometimes working in a fast-phased society can take a huge toll on us mentally and also physically. That’s why once in a while, we need to reconnect to nature to nourish both our mind and our soul. The cafes we have here in our 10 Pretty Garden-Inspired Cafes In Penang You Have To Visit will surely give you the rest you need and help you to recharge. And, they also serve as a great place for amazing photos! So, remember to bring your camera along!

10 Pretty Garden-Inspired Cafes In Penang You Have To Visit

1. Lunarbarcoffee

garden cafe
Photo: @lunabarcoffee (Instagram)

Before you enter the cafe, the luscious greens they have going on outside will surely catch your attention. With sophisticated potted plants and also beautiful drapey greens decorating the place, you’ll surely be captivated by the beauty emitting from these oxygen givers.

garden cafe
Photo: @lunabarcoffee (Instagram)
garden cafe
Photo: @lunabarcoffee (Instagram)

📍 10D Jalan Clove Hall, 10050 George Town, Penang

🕒 1pm – 7pm (Weekdays except for Wednesday), 9am – 7pm (Weekends)

2. Kafka

garden cafe
Photo: @kafkapenang (Instagram)

Though they’re fairly new to the game, they’ve already gained themselves a reputable name due to their well-thought yet comforting western dishes and also the interior decoration of the space. They’re super quirky and bold with their decorations with enchanting plants and oddly mismatched furniture at every corner you turn to. Great place for photos, totally recommended!

Photo: @kafkapenang (Instagram)
garden cafe
Photo: @mikowen.520 (Instagram)

📍 15, Jalan Kelawai, George Town, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕒 8am – 10pm (Mon-Sun), 8am – 6pm (Tues)

3. 2F+ Coffee

Photo: @missleexinyi (Instagram)

Another cafe with blooming greens everywhere you see, don’t be overwhelmed when you first discover this spot. Legit, you can spot the greenness from miles away, and at first, you probably wouldn’t think that it’s a cafe until someone tells you so. Don’t forget to get a shot while you’re here!

garden cafe
Photo: @hg430 (Instagram)
Photo: @rou_tze (Instagram)

📍 Jalan Paya Terubong, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

🕒 10am – 10.30pm (Sun, Tues-Thurs), 10am – 11.30pm (Fri & Sat), Closed on Monday

4. Ome by Spacebar Coffee

Photo: @ilhamfajrianto (Instagram)

Hidden comfortably in one of the many small alleys of Penang, this cafe is located right beside a vibrant and colourful mural  – you’ll know which one when you see it. Before you enter, you’ll be greeted with the beautiful winding plant, luminously stunning with buds of blooming flowers, it’s great not only for photos but also pretty to the eyes!

Photo: @sputnikforest (Instagram)

📍 1, Lorong Toh Aka, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕒 8am – 6pm (Closed on Thursday)

5. Komichi Tea House

Photo: @isme_lin (Instagram)

Just a few houses down Ome by Spacebar Coffee, you can find this rare beauty which serves really yummy matcha-based drinks and snacks. Not just that, the cosiness brought by the surrounding lovely plants is a pleasant touch to the cafe. It’s like you momentarily step out of the city!

garden cafe
Photo: @zin.cheang (Instagram)
garden cafe
Photo: @yumiwongwlk (Instagram)

📍 20, Lorong Toh Aka, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕒 12pm – 6pm (Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday)

6. Gayo Coffee

garden cafe
Photo: @chococherrie (Instagram)

Nothing can quite measure up to the scale of a tree, am I right? Instead of removing the tree when they were renovating the place, the cafe has decided to keep the old yet majestic tree, probably due to sentimental issues. Everyone who walked through the door would be mesmerised by the tree, no joke. Nature in all of its presence, it’ll make you stand still in awe of its charm amidst the daily activities going on around.

garden cafe
Photo: @bubbatan (Instagram)
Photo: @gayocoffee18 (Instagram)

📍 161, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕒 9am – 1.30am (Sun-Thur), 8.30am – 1.30am (Fri & Sat)

7. M’atural

Photo: @verorooo (Instagram)

Penangites have never really seen anything like this before, a cafe that runs plant-workshops and also serves food at the same time. Cafe-hoppers, you’re in for more than just a good time, fix your eyes on their pleasingly arranged plants while at the same time enjoy their specially curated heart-warming snacks. You can even bring a baby plant home, but with a price of course!

garden cafe
Photo: @matural_pg (Instagram)
Photo: @matural_pg (Instagram)

📍 72, Lorong Carnarvon, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕒 12pm – 6pm (Closed on Wednesday)

8. Awesome Canteen @ Sekeping Victoria

Photo: @itanazthyme (Instagram)

Something about having trees in a room just seems magical. I can’t quite put it into words but it’s a wonderful feeling for sure. The life that the trees breathe into the place is what makes the cafe so captivating, I’m sure you would enjoy your coffee to the fullest here!

Photo: @xcrpd (Instagram)

📍 164A-B, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🕒 11am – 10pm (Closed on Tuesday)

9. China House

Photo: @audreyhopes (Instagram)

Did you know that your favourite spot for yummy cakes has a hidden garden at the back? Okay fine, I think many of you guys know that already but the garden is just too entrancing for me to leave it out of this list. So bear with me, I’m going to let the pictures speak instead. Just look at that, a garden coming out right from the fairy tales!

Photo: @myecoquote (Instagram)
Photo: @kachiakkkkkk (Instagram)

📍 153, Beach St, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang

🕒 9am – 1am (Daily)

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10. David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace

Photo: @grownupbackpacking (Instagram)

Honestly, what else can be more relaxing and rejuvenating than chilling in a garden on top of the hill while sipping on some awesome tea? Nothing! So, come on, what’re you hesitating for? With the cool breeze and gorgeous pond display in front of you, the days ahead of you are looking great and bright!

Photo: @venothnair (Instagram)

📍 Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Air Itam, Penang

🕒 11am – 10pm (Daily)

10 Pretty Garden-Inspired Cafes In Penang You Have To Visit

We hope that you would enjoy the places we have for you in our 10 Pretty Garden-Inspired Cafes In Penang You Have To Visit! If you happen to discover more garden-inspired cafes, feel free to notify us! Remember to relax and unwind once in a while, and see you in our next one! Love you!

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