10 Easy New Year Resolutions For Foodies In Penang

Happy New Year!

Hello, fam! Happy New Year! It is so unbelievable that 2018 went away so fast and we are now welcoming a brand new year. You know, every single year, we will always try to make resolutions to be a better person and this time around, we are helping you with it. We have compiled some resolutions that may interest you. So, if you want to check 10 Easy New Year Resolutions For Foodies In Penang out, scroll on!

10 Easy New Year Resolutions For Foodies In Penang

1. Eat Something Healthy Daily

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Let’s start with something super easy! 2019 is the year for you to start eating something healthy daily. In Penang, we are so blessed to be surrounded by so many good food! Unfortunately, most of them aren’t very healthy. To live a long and happy life, a well-balanced diet is needed. It is as easy as buying some fruits and munching it. If that is tedious for you, you can always check out some healthy restaurants we have in Penang!

2. Spend Time With Your Friends & Family

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We are all adults! Studying and working can consume so much of our time. Moments like these, we will neglect the ones that we love. Take some time out every weekly, or monthly, and spend it with your friends and family. It is as easy as making time for dinner with them! After all, we all have to eat! Some of the places that are great for group dining in Penang! You can check out some of them right here.

3. Try Something New Weekly

Time to make 2019 exciting! One of the best ways to make 2019 exciting is trying out something new weekly. If you don’t have any good ideas, you can always check out our weekly lists of new openings of cafes and restaurants in Penang. That will give you some great ideas! Trying out something new weekly also can be an activity with your friends and family. You’re killing two birds with one stone!

4. Exercise Regularly

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This is one of the many resolutions that will fail after two weeks! As a foodie, it is so important to exercise regularly. It is as simple as going for a short walk in your neighborhood! To kick up the notch, you can always sign for a gym that you have promised to sign up back in the year of 2016. If you are a big fan of nature, you can always head out for a hike at some of our beautiful hiking spots including Moon Gate!

5. Discover Something New About Penang

Well, it is time to play tourist in your very own state! We are creatures of habit. We will always follow a certain routine and it is time to break it. Take some time off once per month and go somewhere new! You can play tourist in the heart of Georgetown, or have a short trip to the mainland and visit Frog Hill. Trust us, Penang will surprise you in a very good way!

6. Learn How To Cook Your Favourite Meals

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As a major foodie, this is so important! As Penangites, we will always have the habit of eating out because a) Penang’s food scene is absolutely amazing, b) it is not that expensive to eat out, and c) it is way easier to eat out than to cook and wash everything. Learning how to cook your favourite meals can be so satisfying. It will feel like you have achieved something.

7. Participate In A Marathon

Photo: Great Eastern Viper Bridge (Facebook)

In Penang, we have so many marathons! It is all year round. One of the best ways to push yourself is to join a marathon and train for it. It will make all your exercises worth it! If you have never run in a marathon before, it is best to start with a shorter distance, and slowly you can increase it! If you don’t love running all that much, there are also cool challenges such as the Viper Challenge that you can check out!

8. Eat Moderately

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Eating something healthy daily is the first step, and eating moderately is the second step. Sometimes, we have the tendency of over eating without knowing! When that happens, we will end up having a food coma. If you are wondering what’s food coma, it is basically when you’re too stuffed to move. Sounds terrible, right? Eating moderate is understand that you’re full and you need to stop!

9. Refrain From Using Straws

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This is a very 2019 resolution! There are many restaurants and cafes that have stopped giving straws in Penang. However, you can still request it. Say no to straws because plastic isn’t fantastic for the environment. If you really need a straw, you can always get yourself metal ones. Most of them are sold online. This can be a transition considering that we are used to using it, but it will all be worth it!

10.  Take Away If You Can’t Finish It

Photo: @mastercookshop (Instagram)

When we are eating out, we have a tendency to over order. When that happens, we should always take away the food that we can’t finish instead of trying to stuff everything in. It is definitely a good way to practice moderate eating and reduce food wastage. Another great plus point is the fact that it will help us to save some money! If you are planning to save the planet, it is alright to bring your own food container along!

10 Easy New Year Resolutions For Foodies In Penang

That’s the end of the list for 10 Easy New Year Resolutions For Foodies In Penang! In 2019, it is time to take yourself seriously and make sure that you see your resolutions through. What are your resolutions in this brand new year? You can let us know in the comments. Happy New Year from all of us in Penang Foodie!

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