‘Have a Break’ and Indulge in the All NEW KitKat Bar at Home

“Have a Break, Have a KITKAT~” Remember the commercial back in the days? We were just walking down the supermarket aisle the other day and chanced upon a whole new rack of KITKAT. They are the newly launched KITKAT Bar! They now come in the form of a big bar of chocolate and we’re super excited to try them out! PS: Perfect for an at-home indulgent treat! 


Indulge in the NEW KITKAT Bar With More Chocolate and Richer Eat!

Imagine the smooth chocolatey taste of KITKAT you know and love, but now with a richer chocolate taste! This brand new KITKAT Bar comes in sleek matte resealable packaging (scroll down to find out more) and is available in two flavours, Dark and Milk Chocolate.


We heard they’re made in the land of kangaroos, Australia, and are higher in chocolate content! This indulgent treat is especially perfect to be enjoyed and shared amongst family members and loved ones at home! Or, simply savour it by yourself at your own “me” time! This delicious treat comes in handy when you’re craving something chocolatey. 


Do you sometimes find yourself not being able to finish a big block of chocolate in one go? Well no worries about that, because the New KITKAT Bar comes with resealable packaging, meaning any time can be indulging time!


My, oh my! We were super excited to see the iconic KITKAT wafer in between each chocolate fingers! The wafer to chocolate ratio is just perfect, it melted in our mouth smoothly with a bit of crunch, what an indulgent treat! 

Now that we’re all cooped up at home, there’s no better time to stock up some of the New KITKAT Bar and indulge with your loved ones. Be it in between WFH or during movie sessions, they are the perfect treat to snack on, in an easily shareable size!


We tried both flavours and have to say, they’re super creamy and rich. The Dark chocolate has a good balance of bitterness and chocolatey taste. The Milk Chocolate on the other hand, delivers a smooth, milk-chocolatey flavour on the palate. The wafers inside both chocolates give a really satisfying crunch and texture. 

So where to get your hands on the New KITKAT Bar for a ‘treat yo’ self’ moment? They’re available for purchase on shelves at Lotus’s, GIANT, AEON, AEON BIG and E-commerce platforms (Lazada, Shopee & pandamart). 

Foodies, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these indulgent chocolate bars for a treat-yourself moment! Or, send some as a care package to your loved ones during this time of the pandemic. Also, don’t forget to share this chocolatey news with your friends. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

P.S.: The New KITKAT Bar is HALAL certified by HCAA (HALAL Certification Authority Australia), and recognized by JAKIM.

Grab yours now!: Shopee | Lazada | pandamart

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