Netizen Shared Current Photos Of Batu Ferringhi That Resembles A Ghost Town

It’s definitely no doubt that the pandemic has affected both our lives and our livelihoods. Couple the rising cases in Penang with a nationwide ban, Penang’s tourism has taken a hit. As seen in these photos shared by a netizen online, the current situation over at Batu Ferringhi looks heartbreaking.

Batu Ferringhi Now Resembles A Ghost Town

Do you remember the good old lively days at Batu Ferringhi filled with bright lights, music, and a jam-packed crowd? When one mentions Batu Ferringhi, we would immediately associate it as the ‘tourist area’ that’s always very happening.

Batu Ferringhi Ghost Town

For some of us, we used to take a weekend trip over to Batu Ferringhi. Spend a couple of nights at one of the beachside resorts, take a stroll along the infamous stretch of night markets and enjoy a good meal at restaurants like The Ship. Ahh, good times indeed.

Photo: @dsha_photography (Instagram)

Then, came the battle with the pandemic that robbed us of our livelihoods. Batu Ferringhi isn’t as glorious as it once used to be.

Batu Ferringhi Ghost TownPhoto: 马稙标 (Facebook)

Batu Ferringhi Ghost TownPhoto: 马稙标 (Facebook)

The merry night markets are now closed shut while restaurants and hotels are out of business.

Batu Ferringhi Ghost TownPhoto: 马稙标 (Facebook)

Batu Ferringhi Ghost TownPhoto: 马稙标 (Facebook)

According to the netizen, some areas even look dilapidated and are making way for new development projects. All in all, Batu Ferringhi now resembles a ghost town. Perhaps this is a refresh button to make way for some peace and quiet.

Batu Ferringhi Ghost TownPhoto: 马稙标 (Facebook)

Batu Ferringhi Ghost TownPhoto: 马稙标 (Facebook)

In the meantime, here are some old photos for you to reminisce on.

Batu Ferringhi Ghost Town

Photo: @sidestreaker78 (Instagram)

Batu Ferringhi Ghost Town

Picture: @aroundtheworldmm (Instagram)

Batu Ferringhi Ghost Town

Photo: @aroundtheworldmm (Instagram)

Share With Us Your Fondest Memories

Let us know your fondest memories at Batu Ferringhi, we’d love to hear from you.

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