Nando’s Tingles Taste Buds with New Mango & Lime PERi-PERi!

Nando’s has been grilling Malaysian’s taste buds since 1998 and has since been the top purveyors of spice and flavour through its world-renowned flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. For the first time in Nando’s 19 year history in Malaysia, it celebrates the New Year with a sweet zest for life by introducing a new PERi-PERi flavour for your Nando’s meals!

The new Mango & Lime flavor stays true to its Afro-Portuguese roots and brings a new dimension to its range of PERi-PERi flavours. Imported from South Africa, the PERi-PERi flavours currently comes in 4 flaming options, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot. Now, fans that are just beginning their spicy journey can enjoy Mango & Lime as it wiggles its way on to the Nando’s PERi-ometer. Mango & Lime’s mixture of flavours undoubtedly appeals to Malaysian’s love for all things sweet and spicy.

“Our flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken has proven to be a hit with our fans at home and abroad. With our new flavour, we hope to welcome new fans through our doors and ignite Nando’s lovers with sweet, tangy and zesty flavours but with the quirky Nando’s PER-PERi twist. We are always on the look out to spice up the Nando’s experience while staying true to our identity and the fun combination of Mango & Lime fits the bill perfectly,” said Stephen Chew, CEO of Nando’s Malaysia.

Nando’s pairs Mango & Lime with a new designer drink, Tropical Fruitea, to complete the tantalizing experience.  A thirst-quenching tropical medley of Mango & Lime infused with orange juice and lemon tea makes the perfect partner in crime to the Mango & Lime PERi-PERi flavoured meal.

Since its tangy and zesty introduction, Mango & Lime has proven to be a hit in various countries across the globe including United Kingdom and Australia and is now a staple at all Nando’s Malaysia outlets as part of its permanent menu. Be it with the flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, sides or appeteasers, it’s time to give your taste buds a tongue-tingling time with the Mango & Lime flavor!

To find out more on the new addition to the family, log on to www.nandos.com.my or visit Nando’s Malaysia Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nandosmy.


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