McDonald’s Malaysia Has Changed Its Classic Beef Burgers: Are They Really Tastier?

Brace yourself as McDonald’s Malaysia just announced that they have upgraded their Beef Burgers! If you have loved them already, you’d certainly love them even more as Malaysians can now taste these new lip-smacking classic beef burgers. After making small changes that pack a big difference in every bite!


A Beef Perfection Experience


During the launch of the McDonald’s Experience Beef Perfection yesterday, McDonald’s Malaysia Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Melati Abdul Hai said that these new changes make the biggest difference, further enhancing the experience for its loyal consumers.

“We’re always listening to our customers, and the changes we made to our classic beef burgers are intended to deliver on customer cravings for making their favourite burger that much hotter, juicier and tastier,” she added.

At the event, members of the media had the chance to tour McD’s entire kitchen and experience the detailed processes of the new food preparation. Other fun activities include the Burger AR Experience, Burger Educational Showcase, 360-degree Burger Photobooth and more!

McDonald's 360 Burger Photobooth360-degree Burger Photobooth

McDonald's Burger Educational ShowcaseBurger Educational Showcase

So what has changed?

Double Cheeseburger Put To The Test

We were given the “old” and the “new” Double Cheeseburger to try and taste the difference!

McDonald's The “old” and “new” Double CheeseburgersThe “old” and “new” Double Cheeseburgers


The “new” Double Cheeseburger was visibly thicker with exceptionally soft golden-brown pillow buns.

Double Cheeseburger lovers can expect perfectly melted cheese, caressed by the heat from the tender beef patty and the toasted bun. Not to mention, the onions are now grilled together with the patties, adding a delicious layer of flavour to each bite!

McDonald's Double CheeseburgerDouble Cheeseburger


Although these changes may not seem much at first glance, these enhanced beef burgers definitely taste even better, thanks to the irresistible juicy beef patties, caramelised onion, and melted cheese in every bite –  the way we all love!

Get The NEW McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger For Only RM10.95! 

Only on the 15th of October, McDonald’s will be introducing a special one-day promotion where you can #TasteTheChange of the “new” Malaysian favourite Double Cheeseburger for only RM10.95!

In an attempt to set a record for “The Most Beef Burgers Sold in 24 Hours” in the Malaysia Book of Records, the Double Cheeseburger Medium McValue Meal will be sold for only RM10.95 from 15th October 10 am until 16th October 2am, available through all channels – dine-in, Drive-thru and Delivery!


#BeefPerfection #TasteTheChange #DahMekdi

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