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Macalister Mansion Dining Room Review

Situated along the historic Macalister Road, Macalister Mansion has been framed as the most luxurious and sophisticated dining place and boutique hotel in Penang. This place is where modern meets British tradition whimsically. The vibe at Macalister Mansion is elegant, intimate and classic, making it a great place simply romancing with your special one.



Macalister Mansion Dining Room

The very first touch point will be their iconic sculpture of Sir Norman Macalister Mansion. Sir Norman Macalister is one of the first British Governors of Penang. Thus, it makes sense that Macalister Mansion is very much in keeping with the concept of an old English mansion.


Walking in the room, we were in love with its simplicity yet classiness interior. It played well with its whitewashed wall and elegant lighting, giving a vibe that can’t be replaced easily. During our visit, we went to dine at MM’s Dining Room. Dining Room promises to serve you with exquisite and excellent food with finest and quality ingredients. Helmed by head chef Johnson, who have worked in Australia, Dubai, Macao, Copenhagen and Paris with some of them are Michelin starred restaurants prior joining Macalister Mansion.


Review: Macalister Mansion Dining Room

Chef’s Tasting Menu – A Gastronomic delight of tailor-made 8 courses created using the best ingredients of the day.

Alright, let’s jump in to see what we had during that night!

#1 Canape


Once we settled down, we were delighted to find delicately decorated canape which consists of smoked fish cracker with lemon sabayon and steam buns with mushroom stuffing. Their tartlets with tomato and balsamic are certainly our favourite. Also served along was a spoonful of mildly sweet orange sorbet with basil sprinkles. The amount of starter was just nice to open up our appetite and we were more anticipated than ever to try out the following courses!


#2 Amuse Bouche, Bacon and Buckwheat

Macalister Mansion

A Bacon Ragout at the bottom topped with Crispy Buckwheat, Watercress and Smoked Paprika. Be prepared to indulge yourself with Mascapone Espuma, white foam cream ( it was fluffy as a pillow) matches perfectly with its toppings. The bacon is something to-die-for, seared just right without it being too hard.

#3 Alaska Crab, Green Asparagus and Yuzu

Macalister Mansion Penang


I’m always a fan of asparagus! It is a well-loved vegetable, fresh, delectable crisp and sweet. Sometimes, simplicity is the best. I love how the chef handled this dish, topped with Yuzu is magnificent, keeping it simple but wholesome.

#4 Seared Scallop, Cauliflower Puree and Matcha Tea Foam

Macalister Mansion Fine Dine Penang

Oh dear! This Japanese-inspired dish is awesome, everything is on point and we love it so much! Until today, we are still kept on raving about how good this was.


#5 Dashi Barley, Charred and Crispy Leek


The 5th course that came on our table was dashi barley topped with a 62.5 degree slowly cooked the egg and crispy leek. The golden egg yolk is no doubt a perfect combination of the barley which gives a very chewy texture. We love it!

#6 Black Cod Confit


This dish just looks like chef’s masterpiece. A Black Cod Confit for 8 minutes with 60 degrees, Eryngii Mushroom, Dill and paired with Red Wine Sauce. It’s simply excellent.

#7 Wagyu Beef


The Meat course was a Wagyu Beef, Truffle Mousse, Daikon millefeuille and Nasturtium. Everything is so closed to perfection here. One  that almost brought a tear to my eye, was this one. It was a chef-d’œuvre on a plate, almost divine.

#8 Wild forest with Truffle ice cream, Berries and Chocolate.macalister-mansion

To end our meal, we got ourselves truffles, which really made our day. We love the idea matching berries and chocolate, it’s like Romeo & Juliet, simply spectacular.

Wine Pairing



Verdict : Macalister Mansion | Dining Room


Overall, it’s more than food, it’s all about the experience. This was probably the most expensive dinner we ever had. What we love is the food were beautifully presented, felt inventive and was definitely very delicious. The beautiful and classy interior and exterior design were what wowed us during that night. Rest assured, dining at Macalister Mansion will be a truly memorable and blissful one. Should you visit? Well, we’d say a big yes on a special occasion.

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Address: 228 Jalan Macalister, Penang Penang, Malaysia

Operating hour: TUES to SUN 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Price: RM268 | Additional 160 for Wine Pairing / Additional 80 for Semi Wine Pairing

Menu: Click Here

Reservation: Click Here

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