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Hot breakfast spot: Gemas Road Roti Canai

Gemas Road Roti Canai

What’s the new or hottest breakfast place in Penang this year 2017? You gotta visit this awesome Roti Canai stall at Gemas Road. Roti Canai is known as the local’s favorite when is comes to breakfast. According to wiki, it was said that the food was brought over from India by the Indian Muslims, also known as “Mamaks” in Malaysia.

Gemas Road Roti Canai Penang

Roti Canai Gemas Road

To me, roti canai is always better with curry (kuah) all over the roti. We called it “banjir” in Malay word. I had to emphasize this, the curry is really good, it’s sweet and the curry kick is awesome. It’s not like the mainstream curry you have in some other mamak stalls. If you prefer thick curry like me, you should really check this out. Trust me, it won’t disappoint your taste buds.

Gemas Road Roti Canai

Gemas Road’s roti canai paired well with their chicken, sunny side up (telur mata) and onion (bawang). The chickenĀ done well with fork-tender meat that is cooked thoroughly. The roti is also good, it’s flaky and tasty. TheĀ outer layer is slight-crisp upon serving and the inside is soft and fluffy.

Check this out: Gemas Road Roti Canai

As you have probably seen this post being shared all over the social media, especially Facebook. Well, we’ve tried it out and we think that you should really try it! I’d give them 8/10 in taste. Overall, it was a satisfying meal for a lovely morning.

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Gemas Road Roti Canai

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