Gurney Paragon Mall Food Bank Provides 200 Meals Per Day To The Needy

During trying times like these, no one is having it easy. If you know of anyone in need of food assistance, there is this food bank jointly established by Penang Premium Business Enterprise Association (PPBEA) and Hunza Properties Berhad. As for its location, you can find them at 2 places in Penang. One over at Gurney Paragon Mall and the other at Penang International Commercial City’s (PICC) Sales Gallery, Bayan Lepas.

Gurney Paragon Mall Food Bank Kickstarts Today

Gurney Paragon Mall Food Bank

With the ongoing pandemic battle and restrictions on economic activities, many parties are severely affected. To help out the community, PPBEA and Hunza Properties Berhad have set up a food bank, with the tagline “Stronger Together”.

Additionally, Gurney Paragon Mall food bank will take place for one month starting from 28th July until 20th August 2021. Throughout this period, the food bank counters will be available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 AM until 2 PM.

There will be 200 sets of hearty meals and daily necessities offered per day for the needy community in Penang.

If you’re looking to be a part of this initiative, this food bank is also open to donations and contributions. Just pay a visit within the stipulated time, and offer your donations.

Here are the locations to look forward to:

Gurney Paragon Mall: Festive Square (overlooking the Gurney Drive stretch)

PICC: Main entrance of the sales gallery facing Jalan Tun Dr. Awang

Happening Until 20th August 2021

In tough times like these, food banks will be of great help. So tell your friends, family or neighbours about this and let’s help out one another. Take care, Penangites.

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