Chilli Mee @ Prestige Hotel: This Restaurant Serves Handmade Pan Mee In Penang

Hello, foodies! Some say food changes your mood. A delicious meal makes you feel happy and a bad one totally ruins your day. Today, we will be highlighting a place that is not going to disappoint you. Tucked in at one of the prettiest hotels in Penang at the Prestige Hotel, this restaurant is Chilli Mee.

Chilli Mee is actually a specialty store that only sells Pan Mee and a rice dish as the main dish. Originally, Chili Pan Mee was just a part of the menu at their first restaurant, The Hideout Cafe 60 in Bukit Mertajam. But with the rise of popularity over their Chilli Pan Mee, they decided to open an outlet that specialises only in Pan Mee. And that’s how the MSG-free and preservative-free Chilli Mee was born!

So What’s The Dish You’ve Got To Order?

1. Pan Mee (Dry)

A modified version of the traditional Pan Mee Soup, this is a dry noodle dish that has gained the hearts of many noodle lovers. Using handmade noodles, their noodles are chewy and springy. Further topped with anchovies, braised pork and a runny egg. They also sprinkle some fried pork lard to add a salty crunch. But that’s not all, they even provide a guide to teach you how to eat Dry Pan Mee! A little squeeze of lime juice and a spoonful of their homemade chili flakes, and then stir!

2. Pan Mee (Soup)

Originated from the Hakka kitchen, Pan Mee Soup is one of the popular noodle dishes that many people opt for when they want a healthy meal. Served in a clear chicken broth that has been boiled with anchovies for 2 hours, it leaves a savoury umami flavour. And just like the dry version, it comes with a generous layer of ingredients and large delicious bouncy fishballs. To make it better, add some chili flakes for a smoky spicy kick!

3. Braised Pork Rice

As one of the three main dishes that they serve in Chilli Mee, Braised Pork Rice is their only rice dish. Featuring pork meat instead of chicken, their minced meat is marinated and boiled in soy sauce for more enriching flavours. Laid on top of soft fluffy rice, the minced meat gives a sweet peppery taste that is just right for a little spicy punch. Furthermore, coming together with this rice dish is a refreshing soup to cleanse your palate!

Something More To Go With Your Meal:

1. Lor Bak (2 pcs)

When you’re eating with friends or family, it’s always better to share some side dishes for more fun. A classic side dish not to miss is Lor Bak or Five-Spiced Pork Roll. Rolled in thin bean curd skin, the flavours of the marinated pork meat is packed inside the bean curd skin even after frying. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, it doesn’t leave you feeling too greasy.

2. Gyoza Chicken (4pcs)

You would rarely find a delicious plate of gyoza dumplings in a Chinese restaurant, let alone at a Pan Mee restaurant. One of the more popular side dishes here is their Chicken Gyoza which comes in 4 pieces. A bite into the crispy thin outer skin, the inside is filled with a good balance of cabbage and minced chicken. Falling on the lighter taste, it’s a great side to go along with their flavourful noodles and braised pork rice.

3. Ladies Finger

As simple as it sounds, this is a light side dish to make your meal more healthy. Drizzled with soy sauce and garlic oil, it is further topped with more fried garlic pieces. Some would say it is on the refreshing side, but it’s an addictive dish that keeps your chopstick coming in for more.

4. Jujube Snow Nest

If you’re craving for something sweet and refreshing, then this Jujube Snow Nest is your dessert to go for. Using ingredients that are known to make your skin smooth, it’s also a delicious alternative to healthy dessert. With longan, dates, snow nest and a good amount of peach gum, it adds a smooth texture that just glides off your spoon!

Try Out Their Set Meals That Includes Drinks, Snacks, Dessert And Beer

As professional foodies, we’ve got to make use of the set meals so we can try as much food as we can! Here, we’ve got three set meals! Try out their Set A (RM14) that comes with a main and a drink of your choice or Set B (RM18) and Set C (RM20) that comes with a main, a side and a drink or a dessert! Not to mention, they’ve also got Set D (RM20) that comes with a main and beer. Hmm..which one will you choose?

Address: Unit 1, Prestige Hotel Arcade, 8, Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 George Town, Penang.

Hours: (Mon-Fri) 11AM – 9PM | (Sat-Sun) 9AM – 9PM

Link: Facebook


Status: Non-Halal

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