21 hours ago

    10 Best Must-Try Char Koay Teow In Penang

    Char Koay Teow, the ultimate MUST-HAVE food in Penang. It’s the food that defines Penang. People travel miles and miles…
    3 days ago

    Hai Di Lao Is Opening Its First Store In Malaysia

    How can our neighbouring country have Hai Di Lao and not us?!” Yep, you know what we’re talking about. The…
    3 days ago

    Plan C Pâtisserie Is Now Opened At Gurney Plaza Penang

    Penang reigns supreme with plenty of places to sample the latest dessert & pastry trends. Indeed, Penang’s pastry scene has…
    6 days ago

    10 Best Porridge in Penang, The Ultimate Comfort Food

    With the rainy season these days, we bet a lot of you are craving for comfort food. Porridge, though not…
    6 days ago

    5 New Things to Try in Penang This Week

    Hello, Penang! Got a quiet week ahead? Not anymore! There are a few better places to be when the sun…
    7 days ago

    Top 10 Things to Eat in Gurney Plaza Penang

    Shopping is fun, shopping makes women happy, but not when they’re hungry. Men, you’ve seen how your lady reacts when…
    7 days ago

    Top 10 Best Pizza In Penang You’ll Love

    Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the ooey gooey cheese pull? The perfectly tossed and baked pizza served with toppings…
    7 days ago

    Top 10 Places To Eat Near Bayan Lepas

    Looking for the best food near Bayan Lepas? From the best chicken rice to a spicy-rollercoaster biryani ride, we’ve got…
    7 days ago

    Top 10 Eggy Dishes in Penang for You to Conquer

    No matter being the star of the dish or just an accompaniment, admit it: Eggs will never get out of…
    1 week ago

    Top 10 Cheap Places To Eat Near Segi College Penang

    Here we are! Back at it again at another college. Today, we are bringing you Top 10 Cheap Places To…
    1 week ago

    Top 10 Best Nasi Melayu In Penang Every Foodie Must Try

    Now if there’s one thing we can all agree upon is good food. Putting aside, culture or anything that makes…
    2 weeks ago

    7 Best Shell-Out In Penang For Seafood Lovers

    Best Shell-Out in Penang ??? We’re sure that by now everyone is no stranger to seafood buckets, where you have…

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