7 Romantic Spots To Propose And She Can’t Say No In Penang

Time to say I do.

With Christmas and New Year’s coming up, you already know it is the most magical time of the year. If you want to jump the flood-Facebook-and-Instagram-with-she-said-yes bandwagon, we are here to help you! We have compiled 7 Romantic Spots To Propose And She Can’t Say No In Penang just for you. From public spaces for big, and grand gestures, to private spaces for that personal touch, we got everything covered!

1. Somewhere With A View

Photo: KosherUnit (Facebook)

Penang has an amazing view especially when you’re all the way up to the top! Can you imagine the scene? She will be looking around at the beautiful view, and when she turns around, you will be on your knees! Take it up the notch and head up to Penang Hill for the most breathtaking view ever!

It looks dazzling at night with bright city lights. Awe her at The Top Penang with the most spectacular of Georgetown. You will feel like you’re on top of the world! Last one the list is Frog Hill, a place located on the mainland with the most gorgeous blue lakes. If all these places are too mainstream, you can always seek for an apartment with rooftop access for a proposal!

2. Somewhere With Candles & Desserts

Photo: Farquhar Mansion (Facebook)

Just the like the scenes in the movies! You’re in a fancy restaurant with dim lights, and there are candles on the table. Right after dessert, you get on your knees! It is a little cliche because it mirrors most romantic comedies, but it is still very romantic.

There are a few romantic fine dining places in Penang such as Il Bacaro, one of the best Italian restaurants located in Campbell House. Farquhar Mansion, a restaurant located in a heritage building, is also a great romantic option! Lastly, we have Ferringhi Garden Restaurant! The wooden restaurant is simply beautiful with a very lush garden!

3. Somewhere With Sand & Roses

Photo: KosherUnit (Facebook)

You’re on an island! It will be strange if the beaches didn’t make it on the list. There are many beaches on Penang and it is hard to choose the perfect one for it! If you are looking for somewhere super pristine, you will need to head into Penang National Park.

There are so many beautiful beaches await. If you looking for a personal space, Muka Head Lighthouse might be the one you’re looking for! A restaurant by the beach, perhaps? Check out Sigi’s Bar & Grill, a nice restaurant at Batu Ferringhi. Ending this list with Pantai Pasir Panjang, another unspoiled beach on the island! Remember to put flower petals on the sand, okay? Candles are great too!

4. Somewhere With Five Stars

Photo: Shangri La’s Rasa Sayang Resort (Facebook)

If you are looking for something very personal, and you want to be just the two of you during the proposal, hotels are the best! You can decorate the place with roses on the bed, and all over the floor. Propose at the balcony during sunset sounds like a dream!

If you are looking for somewhere near the beach, check out hotels at Batu Ferringhi! There are Shangri La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Lone Pine Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, and Golden Sands Resort by Shangri La. Eastern & Oriental is a beautiful hotel located in Georgetown, you’ll love it! If hotels are top of your list for a proposal, you need to check out Trivago for the best prices!

5. Somewhere With Pixie Dust

She will find it extremely difficult to say no to somewhere magical, yes? Finding a magical place can be a little tricky on this little island. Lucky for you, we have a few places to suggest! Penang Avatar Secret Garden is on the top of our list!

With bright lights dangling in all the trees, it is so romantic, and magical! It will feel like you’re in a fairy tale storybook. How about a place surrounded by colourful butterflies and nice greenery? Time to head to Entopia, in Teluk Bahang. Check out photos of The Natureland, it highly resembles Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay! Very, very neat.

6. Somewhere With Greenery

Photo: @immankfirman (Instagram)

Another sweet spot in Penang! Right in Penang, we have the serene Penang Botanic Gardens. It is so big, so you’ll have to find a spot that suits you the best. It can be in front of the cascading waterfall, down by the river, or even the lush grass area near the pavilion.

You need to pick the right if not the area will be crowded with too many people. Another great option is Tropical Spice Garden. There is a magnificent swing in Tropical Spice Garden that oversees the entire garden, and it is a sweet spot for asking that special question. It is so pretty, we’re sure you can find a nice spot in it too!

7. Somewhere With A Gorgeous Courtyard

Photo: @onthewayjoey (Instagram)

Another way to up your game! What is Penang known for? Penang is known for really good food and really gorgeous buildings. We have two on our list! Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, and also Pinang Peranakan Mansion. The people who were behind these buildings had a strong attention to detail, turning them into notable buildings right here on the island.

Both of these buildings have the most beautiful courtyards you will ever see. By the way, you can stay in Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, also known as the Blue Mansion! They have suites and collections for you to check out! As for Pinang Peranakan Mansion, you can hire the venue!

7 Romantic Spots To Propose And She Can’t Say No In Penang

That’s the end of the list for 7 Romantic Spots To Propose And She Can’t Say No In Penang. We really enjoyed writing this and we hope that this can serve as an inspiration for your proposal plans to your special someone. Good luck from all of us at Penang Foodie!


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