This Seafood Restaurant Offers RM19.90 Crabs Delivered To Your Front Door

Streets are deserted as COVID-19 cases increase daily, with only delivery drivers, police officers, and other essential service workers being the only ones travelling on the road. As of April 1st, more than 2,700 cases have been confirmed in Malaysia. In just a few months, the virus has transformed the everyday lives of about 3.6 billion people worldwide – all who have been asked to stay home. Delivery drivers are now the heroes for many Penangites as people begin to rely more on delivery services. Hamisu, a seafood restaurant in Penang is now offering their affordable seafood for delivery to your doorsteps.

For Only RM19.90, You Get 3 Crabs

Photo: @kelvinsawww (Instagram)

Hamisu, a seafood restaurant located in Dato Keramat, Penang, is providing deliveries to anyone who craves for hotpot, barbecue, and seafood in this MCO period! Priced at only RM19.90 for 3 Foodie-approved-size crabs, they are also offering a variety of seafoods like mantis prawn, squid, and clams!

Photo: Hamisu (Official)

One of our editors also gave Hamisu a shot the other day and ordered a spread to her house! As seen in the video above, the menu includes: salted egg lotus (editor’s favorite), clams, prawns, two types of crabs, and a side of vegetable. All for RM129.90. (feeds 5 person)

Customize Crabs To Your Favorite Flavour

Photo: Hamisu (Official)

For an extra surcharge of only RM3, you can customize the crab’s flavor to your likings – XO sauce, salted egg style, kam heong, or chilli-style!

Hotpot for RM129 – Serving Up To 5 People

Photo: Hamisu (Official)

If you are craving for some hotpot, yet you find it inconvenient to go out in the crowded morning market, Hamisu is also offering hotpot to be delivered right to the comfort of your home! This deal includes more than 10 ingredients, along with 2 big packets of soup. All you need to prepare is a hotpot-pot, and Hamisu has got you covered with – spoons, chopsticks, and bowls!

RM5 Lunch Box Deals

Photo: Hamisu (Official)

Are you sick of eating instant noodles yet? Or getting tired from whipping up some Chinese cuisine at home and needing to clean up afterwards? Hamisu is offering RM5 lunchbox and it comes with three different types of dishes. Plus, the dishes changes daily, offering you a variety of options! For USM students and hospital staffs, each lunchbox will only cost you RM4.50, including free delivery.

Lunch Box Charity Movement

Photo: Hamisu (Official)

Through their lunch box deals, Hamisu have started a charity movement in Penang! Families, individuals, and businesses like Iconic Hotel and Peace Club have donated over RM8,000 worth of lunch boxes to hospitals, homeless shelters, old folks homes, and The Salvation Army.

Link(s): Hamisu Facebook

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