Penang’s First Mobile Disinfection Chamber Is Now Operating At Balik Pulau Market

First Of Its Kind


  • The very first mobile disinfection chamber is now operating at Balik Pulau Market.
  • A pilot project by NGOs, this chamber aims to provide full-body sanitisation.
  • It operates through an automatic system.

First Mobile Disinfection Chamber In Penang

We need not say more about the dire situation that comes with COVID-19. To date, there are over 3000 cases in Malaysia and 98 right here in Penang alone. To combat this pandemic, we’re all advised to stay home under the Movement Control Order and to practise good hygiene. So, in light of this, Penang now has its very first mobile disinfection chamber installed at Balik Pulau Market.

Mobile Disinfection Chamber Penang
Photo: BalikPulauMarket

If you turn on the TV or scroll through your feed, there are notices everywhere about the importance of hygiene. Washing our hands with soap is the most effective precaution we can all take. Aside from that, we also know that practising social distancing might help too. This is why making unnecessary trips to certain crowded areas like the market isn’t exactly advisable.

Penang Market Social Distancing
Photo: BuletinMutiara (Website)

But we need to admit that certain trips to the market are indeed mandatory to stock up on food supplies (not that we’re encouraging you to do so) Nevertheless if you stock up at Balik Pulau Market, you’ll notice that there’s a mobile disinfection chamber at the main entrance.

Mobile Disinfection Chamber Penang
Photo: @PenangFlashNews (Facebook)

This is Penang’s very first disinfection chamber with the aim of providing a free, full-body sanitization service to members of the public who make their way from their homes to the market and back. Essentially, the chamber operates through an automatic system, with sensors to activate and deactivate the disinfectant sprays inside the chamber.

Mobile Disinfection Chamber Penang
Photo: @PenangFlashNews (Facebook)

#StayAtHome And Stay Safe

While this mobile disinfection chamber is merely operating to disinfect shoppers, to be safe, do practise a sense of good hygiene at all times. Also, remember to disinfect your clothes once at home. Or, better yet, stay home unless it’s necessary to head out. Before we go, don’t forget to stay home and stay safe, guys!

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This news was first reported by BERNAMA.

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