Singles Dining At Flip Burger Will Be Free Of Charge On Valentine’s Day

Yes, Please!


  • Singles dining at Flip Burger will be free of charge on Valentine’s Day
  • Get a Flip Burger (any patty), crinkle-cut fries and a free-flowing drink!
  • Only limited from 7PM to 10PM

Hello, foodies! In just a few days, the lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day is coming. For some of us, it’s an exciting day to anticipate. But for some, it’s just another normal day. However, don’t be too depressed over this because this Flip Burger news is going to cheer you up! And that is.. drum rolls, Flip Burger is not going to charge all singles who are dining in from 7PM to 10PM on Valentine’s Day.

Singles Dining At Flip Burger On Valentine’s Day Will Be Free

Photo: @flipburgermy (Instagram)

Here’s a little introduction if you haven’t tried out Flip Burger. So this is a local restaurant has been around town for two years now. And hopefully, you’ve guessed it because they’re only selling burgers! Browsing through their menu, expect to see fun ingredients hidden in their burger from peanut butter, salted egg sauce to braised siu bak or roasted pork.

Photo: @flipburgermy (Instagram)

Alright, so let’s go into what’s happening on Valentine’s Day. So on this special day, Flip Burger will be free for those who are single. Perhaps now we have a better reason to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day without feeling too awkward. Anyways, let’s get into what kind of food you’re going to get. Here it is, you’ll be getting one flip burger (any patty), crinkle-cut fries and a free-flowing drink. And it’s all free!

Photo: @flipburgermy (Instagram)

Here’s What You Need To Tell Them

So other than being single, here’s another thing you need to tell the waiter before you can dine for free. Just flash this photo below and you’ll be guaranteed a meal that’s on the house. Last but not least, hopefully, this heartwarming gesture from Flip Burger will turn your Valentine’s Day into a sweet one too. Enjoy!


  • Gurney Paragon Branch: 163D-LG-17B, Lower Ground, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
  • Queensbay Mall Branch: Queensbay Mall, 3F-07, 3rd Floor, North Zone, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

Hours: 10AM – 10:30PM

Status: Non-Halal

Links: Facebook | Instagram


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