Easily Find Parking & Transfer Credit With Penang Smart Parking’s Latest Updates

A few months ago, we had introduced a handy app that makes our lives on the road much easier. The locally developed app, Penang Smart Parking (PSP), is the go-to app for road users in Penang. The go-to app makes it convenient for road users to pay for parking, pay compound, and many more! The app has recently been updated, and we are excited to announce that you can now find parking through your phone screen!

Find Parking & Transfer Credit Via Penang Smart Parking

The latest update from PSP is the update that road users have been waiting for. Instead of spending spinning around in George Town to find parking over the weekends, you can now spot free parking just a few clicks away.

To get started, log in to PSP, and you will notice ‘Find Parking’ to be one of the first buttons on the top left! With just a few clicks, you can search for your ideal parking spot around the vicinity. Once you have chosen a spot, PSP will notify you if the location is vacant or occupied.

Here are the full steps to use it:

  • Log in to Penang Smart Parking.

  • Click on ‘Find Parking’ on the main menu.

  • Search for the preferred location.

  • Click on the blue icon for the preferred parking location.

  • Vacant parking lots will be shown via green icons.

  • Choose preferred parking lot.

  • Penang Smart Parking will navigate you to the parking lot.

No doubt, the latest feature on Penang Smart Parking makes it easier to cafe hopping over the weekends!

Transfer Credit With Penang Smart Parking

Did you know? You can top up PSP via Boost, Touch ‘n Go, and even Maybank QRPay. Apart from the cool feature, PSP has now upgraded as an e-wallet. That’s right, PSP users can transfer credit to another PSP.

Transferring credit has never been so simple. The only detail that you will need from the other user is their phone number. Not to worry, it is safe to use PSP as your pin number is required before the transfer is being processed.

Here are the full steps to use it:

  • Log in to Penang Smart Parking.
  • Click on ‘Transfer’ menu.

  • Enter phone number of the other Penang Smart Parking user.
  • Click on ‘Transfer’ button.

  • Insert amount and reference.

  • Confirm the transfer.

  • Insert pin number for the transfer to be processed.

  • Click ‘Yes’ to proceed with the transfer.

  • The system will show the transaction history.

Penang Smart Parking Is Available Via Google Play, App Store & Huawei Gallery App

If you are a road user in Penang, PSP is a definite must-have in your phone! You will be excited that to know that the updated version is now available in Google Play, App Store, and Huawei Gallery App. What is the next must-have feature in the app? Let us know in the comments!

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