Chloé: Penang’s New Chic Cafe Offering Milk Teas, Fruit Teas and Desserts

More than just a fruit tea brand.

Foodies, dump the bubble milk tea craze behind because fruit teas are here to conquer and by all means, welcomed to stay. They’re much healthier and yummy anyway. So jumping onto the bandwagon of fruit teas, Chloe Cafe which has opened its first branch in Butterworth has made its way to this beautiful island. Conveniently located in the area of Tanjung Tokong, here’s why you should pay them a visit!

Chloe Cafe

The backstory of Chloe Cafe.

Aren’t you curious about why some cafes or restaurants are started? The backstories are often fascinating and that’s the same with Chloe Cafe. The cafe was co-founded by a family of three which consists of Mr Sam, his wife, Joey and also his daughter, Chloe. I bet you have already figured out the reason behind the cafe’s name which is evidently the daughter’s name. On a fateful day in Prague, this family of three got to meet a kind and friendly German milk tea lover which recommended them to try Dutch milk tea for the very first time. Needless to say, their 5 y/o daughter fell in love with it and has suggested that they bring back the recipe so she could drink it every day. Thanks to that encounter, you stand here today witnessing a tea brand that has one of the finest teas.

Chloe Cafe

Since the beginning, it was a tedious and mind-aching process going through endless trial and error when it comes to nailing the finest milk tea where it was Mr Sam cooking the tea, Mrs Sam dealing with the meticulous step of changing up the ratios of the milk and ingredients and last but not least, their daughter who told nothing but jokes and also made comments on the taste.

Chloe Cafe

Once again fate came into the picture, letting the family discover the honey tea leaves that will be used in their today’s milk tea recipes. The leaves taste of unique floral honey and this honey tea has won the gold medal as the world’s number one in a tea contest held in 2006. Mixed with two different flavours of honey tea, it forms the foundation of their current signature milk tea. With tea as their main product, it sets them apart from every other coffee shop. They centred the brand around using quality teas only, Uganda coffee beans and also focusing on making exquisite, world-class milk tea.

Check out the drinks selections here!

Chloe Cafe

Cheese Classic Milk Tea (RM15)

Left – Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Right – Cheese Classic Milk Tea

To start, we have their well-known Cheese Classic Milk Tea which finishes with a thick layer of cheese foam on top of the aromatic milk tea. Sip on the cheese foam at 45 degrees to taste the nicely mixed flavour of the cheese and milk tea. Not too thick and not too diluted, the tea brings a faint sweetness to the palate. Overall, it’s a solid 10/10 from us.

Twilight Peach Oolong Soda (RM18)

Left – Ice Peach Oolong Tea, Right – Twilight Peach Oolong Soda

Besides being eye-catching because of the galaxy swirl, it tastes super refreshing in this hot and humid weather. We recommend this the most if you’re looking for something that’s cooling and light to the throat. It borrows fruitiness from the peach-infused tea and pieces of lemon are added to intensify the taste.

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (RM22)

Left – Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Right – Chocolate Green Tea Frap

If you’re not willing to give up the brown sugar hype just yet, then go ahead and order yourself a cup of their brown sugar fresh milk. Don’t be shocked by the price, let us explain first. There’s a reason for the price and it’s because of their use of premium quality milk and brown sugar, as well as the bigger portion of drinks. Furthermore, only the very best and good-quality of milk is used. So, it’s definitely worth the bucks you’re paying!

Strawberry Cheese Tea (RM22)

Left – Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Right – Strawberry Cheese Tea

This cute pink beverage is specially made for the strawberry lovers, with fresh berries thrown into the formula, you can taste the freshness and also natural sweetness. Pairing it with cream, it makes the drink much creamier and also thicker, but nothing too much. We really like how it tastes in our mouth!

Pair it with some sweet desserts!

Strawberry Shortcake
Almond Tiramisu
Classic Cappucino

We really got to give it to them for their desserts. Even though Chloe is all about their drinks, surprisingly enough, they serve quite an amazing variety of cakes and all of them tastes amazing to boot! A few of our personal favourites is none other than their Classic Cappucino (RM12.90), Almond Tiramisu (RM12.90) and Strawberry Shortcake (RM12.90)!

Apply for their membership now for a better deal!

Chloe Cafe

Before you go, of course, we have got to spill the juice for you. Good things are meant to be shared right. So, hear us out. If you think you’re going to drop by them often, then go ahead and apply for their membership card. Enjoy ‘Buy One Free One’ on beverages all year long when you become their ‘Platinum Member’ for only RM99. Sounds like a super valuable deal if you’re going to have it once every week. With terms and conditions applied.

Tl; dr

City Junction – Lot No: 2-1-6A, City Junction, Persiaran Lengkuas 2, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Butterworth – 13, Jalan Villa Tanjung, Villa Tanjung, 12300 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.

Operation Hour: 10am – 12am (Daily)

Must-try items: Cheese Classic Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk




See you guys there!

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