This Food Truck In Penang Has Been Serving Crispy Fried Snacks Since 1993

It goes without saying that Penang is a food paradise. On one seemingly tiny island, we’re packed with plenty of good food like Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow, and many more. Then there are countless snack places scattered around Penang, just like this food truck at Air Itam that sells a variety of crispy fried fritters. It’s none other than Khim Kuih, a place for fried snacks that is located right outside of Lye Lye Kopitiam, Air Itam

Khim Kuih Air Itam: A One-Stop Place For Cai Tao Kuih And More Snacks

For those residing around Air Itam area, you’re definitely no stranger to Lye Lye Kopitiam. And directly outside of Lye Lye Kopitiam, you will see a white truck selling all sorts of fried fritters.

Khim Kuih Air Itam PenangPhoto: PenangFoodie

Khim Kuih is a Kochabi fried fritters stall that specializes in fried radish cake, or as the locals call it, ‘Cai Tao Kuih’. Fried radish cake is usually made with white radish, rice flour, wheat starch, and some dried shrimp for extra fragrance. A perfectly executed Cai Tao Kuih has the right crisp outside and when you bite into it, a soft and tender texture that melts in your mouth.

Khim Kuih Air Itam PenangPhoto: PenangFoodie

When you’re at Khim Kuih, there will always be a queue from foodies looking to get their fair share of the signature Cai Tao Kuih. To that, they also offer you their homemade chilli sauce that pairs perfectly with the fried radish cake.

Khim Kuih Air Itam PenangPhoto: PenangFoodie

As the lady serves the long queue of customers, you can see the owner frying more radish cakes by the side to cater to the long queue. Fun fact, Khim Kuih has been around since 1993.

Khim Kuih Air Itam PenangPhoto: PenangFoodie

Aside from Cai Tao Kuih, you can also find an array of snacks like Fried Durian, Popiah, Yam Cake, Tofu, Dumplings, and more. Khim Kuih only operates from 1 pm until sold out which is around 6 pm.

Khim Kuih Air Itam PenangPhoto: PenangFoodie

Khim Kuih Air Itam PenangImage: PenangFoodie

Photo: PenangFoodie

It’s A Fried Snacks Feast!

As for their off days, do check out their Facebook page for updates. The next time you’re nearby Air Itam, drop by at Khim Kuih for some fried snacks feast. Enjoy!

Address: 463-A, Jalan Bukit Bendera, Air Itam, 11500, Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang

Operating hours: 1PM-6PM or until sold out (off day refer to official Facebook page)

Link: Facebook

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