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Tin Kopi Penang: Probably The First Coffee In A Tin

Have you check out this place?

Coffees in kopitiam (local coffee shop) are usually served in a typical, dull cup. Guess what? We found a hidden gem that serves coffee in a tin! You know those store-bought condensed milk that comes in a tin? Yep, your coffee is in that tin, how creative is that? Hang on tight as we bring you a long lost review, the Tin Kopi Penang.


Where is Tin Kopi Penang:

Nestled under a flat in the ever famous Bo Bo Hokkien Mee, Tin Kopi Penang are only known among the neighbourhood. Some will go “what’s Bo Bo Hokkien Mee?” Okay let us give you a clearer picture. It’s the old flat on your right before Super Tanker Food Court in Taman Lip Sin. Still blur? Waze la.


How is it Made & What’s So Special About Tin Kopi Penang:

You can only get coffee served in a tin per request. So remember to tell them you want “tin kopi” upon ordering. If you’re curious to find out more, simply walk over to the “kopi” section to see how they make their drinks. The owner is a bubbly man who’s very open to conversations. Take note he’s super fast in making coffee, literally in just a few seconds.

Here’s how Tin Kopi Penang is made. The owner would first pour in the powder base (secret and unknown) in a mixer. Moving on to the highlight, coffee. Hot boiling water are poured into a cloth filter bag filled with coffee ground. It’s like filtered coffee, but in the most traditional way. The essence is then poured into the mixer and that’s when he’ll shake it back and forth, mixing everything together. While doing so it also creates froth, adding texture to the coffee.

Finish off by pouring everything into the non-conventional tin, with condensed milk and ice. There you go, you have yourself a cup of picture-worthy coffee, tin kopi Penang.


The Taste Test:

So how does it taste? Thick and smooth. You could definitely taste the dark and strong kopi o, with the sweetness from the condensed milk. The froth on top is a proof of skills. Though we thought it’s a bit sweet to our liking, maybe cut down a bit of the condensed milk.

Quote from the owner: “You can copy the steps to recreate tin kopi Penang but never the taste. It takes skills and years of trial and error to come up with your own taste. A good cup of coffee depends on the brewing skill of the maker.”

True, a good cup of coffee has no exact recipe, but passion and skills to present their style.

This is another recommendation from the owner himself besides tin kopi Penang. It’s called “tu tu peng.” This drink is a combination of four flavors with four ingredients. Kopi O, Milo, Nestum and the last secret item. it’s some sort of 3 in 1 coffee powder that owner refused to share.

Taste wise, a huge thumbs up from all of us. With so many flavors together, it’s a bit confusing upon first sip. The flavors would slowly occupy your taste bud the more you sip in. The nestum added a bit of the chunky fun texture. We have to say it’s a bit filling but definitely Penang Foodie approved.


Verdict on Tin Kopi Penang:

We would definitely come back for more. Both drinks are an appreciation of traditional coffee, with a twist. We are proud to support creative minds in turning our culture into something that’s easier for others to accept. Plus, tin kopi Penang is unique, where else can you find this?

Tin Kopi Penang

Address: Gelugor 2-G-23, Lengkok Nipah, Bayan Lepas, Penang, 11900 Penang.
Operating Hour: 8 a.m.-2 p.m. (Daily)

*Muslim-Friendly* (Drinks only lahh)

Taste: 8/10
Price: 5.5/10
Ambiance: 5/10
Experience: 7.5/10


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