The Brew House Anson Cube: Where Your Pork Gastronomical Dreams Come True

The best stop to satisfy your pork cravings.

The search for a good restaurant is never over in a city like Penang. Whether it’s a gourmet bistro for a memorable night with friends, a grab-and-go lunch spot, a legendary one-off treat for your taste buds, the possibilities are endless.

In this post, we’re about to share with you one of Penang’s newest restaurant establishment, where foodies who like being kept on their toes with exciting flavour combos will salivate over- The Brew House Anson Cube, a sparky newbie to the Penang food scene. With its affordable prices and tempting flavours, the restaurant has already become one of the hottest spots in the neighbourhood.

The Brew House Anson Cube: Where Your Pork Gastronomical Dreams Come True

The Brew House can be said as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in Malaysia. Established since 2017, it currently has 10 branches across Klang Valley, and has finally made its mark in Penang 3 months ago, but fret not, the chain hasn’t lost its sheen. Adopting an innovative approach to dining, their dishes consists of a fusion of Pan-Asian and modern western gastronomy, and centralizes around pork.

About the Space

Wooden furniture, workshop light fittings, a bar serving craft beers: Set in an industrial-style basement ambience, it might look like another booze and casual dining joint, but The Brew House doesn’t churn out a formula. It’s almost too cool and too affordable for the sharp-suited expense-account crowd and is still a cut above when it comes to deliciously crusted, smoky meats, herb-flecked flatbreads and jazzy boozes.

Food Rundown

Premium ingredients are treated with real finesse and a touch of class, while groups can take full advantage of the easy-going vibe- provided they book in advance. Given how hard it is to score a reservation at The Brew House, you’ll probably come to the table expecting a meal that will induce instant rapture- not forgetting all are served at a super affordable price.

Brew House Signature Pork Steak <RM20.80>

Lovers of this divine culinary creation rejoice. Thanks to The Brew House, coming across a restaurant that does justice to steak is no longer a task. Your dish would be packing a steak so porky the smell hits you as soon as the dish gets anywhere near, its crust smashed, charred and crisp, its inner depths juicy. Also, the meats used in their dishes are perfectly succulent, which is always a bonus.

Bacon Steak <RM20.80>

If classic, thick bacon is what you’re after, then this is the place to get it. Their Bacon Steak- a medley of smoky, strong flavours that will blow you away. This is some amazingly crisp and tasty stuff, elegantly seared to perfection Also very thick at about an inch. What you get here is your standard morning breakfast bacon, but at a whopping portion that comes off the grill looking so beautiful. Swoon.

Smoked Duck & Peach Pizza <RM19.80>

You can never go wrong with pizza, especially with one at The Brew House. The super doughy charred crust has a slightly smoky flavour, with its base blistered and crisp yet gets slightly sloppy when you reach the centre, all piled high with toppings. Their pizzas are stretched by hand and are of perfect size for sharing with friends (though you can easily scoff a whole one by yourself). Now you know where to go for a slice of the action.

Japanese Curry with Pork Cutlet <RM19.80>

The presence of Japanese curries captures our interest, while the price draws us in and the flavour keeps us coming back. We love their extra-thick katsu curry sauce, sliding down the rice and packed full of crispy breadcrumb pork katsu with stewed carrots and potatoes.- this combination will never fail to make us salivate like we’re at our merest whiff. It’s certainly not sophisticated, but it’s tasty and hearty at it’s best.


Fried Chee Cheong Fun <RM15.80>

In Penang, we often get to enjoy chee cheong fun at it’s moistest, silkiest and softest. Yet The Brew House serves this traditional Chinese dish with a twist. Savour them pan-fried. Fried Chee Cheong Fun?! Yes, you’ve heard it right. Together with chillis, spring onions, garlic and seafood, this is the real deal- its flavour unexpected, punchy and unforgettable.

Signature Drinks

There’s no limit to the imaginative drinks served up at The Brew House.  You’ll even find their treats topped with chillies, lemon grass and basil leaves (all delicious and guaranteed to rack up your double taps on your Instagram feed).

Try Out Their Excellent Value Set Lunch Menu

Set lunch deals at The Brew House are a wondrous thing, allowing us mere mortals to enjoy their top-notch grub at a price that won’t necessitate a month of porridge as penance.  Their set lunches are available daily (11.30am- 3.00pm), where you can pair your main dish with your choice of drink, ice cream and also a soup of the day. Now you know where to dine like a city-slicker without breaking the bank.

Pay The Brew House Anson Cube A Visit Today

The craftsmanship that goes into their creative pork creation & fusion dishes is a second-to-none; a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, leaving us feeling light as air, guilt-free, and already awaiting our next visit. Whether your inclination is classic or modern, this restaurant’s offerings are vowed to satisfy every appetite. With all the snacks as a plus point and their warming ambience, visit them yourself and you’d just gotten yourself a real porky experience here.

The Brew House Anson Cube

Address: Unit 138-1-3 & 3A, Anson Cube, Jalan Anson, 10400 George Town, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 11.30am- 2.00am daily
*This is not a pork-free & alcohol-free restaurant.
Visit their Website Facebook.


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